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Lloyd Khan

“There’s such a difference of opinion about housing, about shelter. There are people like us who want to have their home be a good feeling place, to have it be warm, to have it be a place where you cook and eat and sleep and get well if you’re ill.

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Properly Venting a Building

Properly venting a building is a critical consideration when planning your building. Getting rid of the initial ground moisture, quickly, when you have erected your new shelter is something many people do not think of. 170 more words

Multi Shelter Solutions

Kindness - tolerate grumpiness

Tolerate grumpiness

What I didn’t realise is that the humidity ant that we’re currently facing can have a devastating impact on sleep and people’s mental health. 17 more words

Over 300 Cats Found In One Apartment

By Kelli Bender May 08, 2019 03:16 PM

Over 300 cats found crammed into a single apartment in Toronto, Ontario, are now spread out at foster homes and animal rescues across the city. 171 more words

Living With Humans

Dangerous Heatwave Alert

Dangerous HEAT — like over 100° and then some — is expected this weekend throughout much of the United States, especially the East Coast, Andrew Freedman reports in… 322 more words


Shade Stable

Cohere Stable with panels and shade cloths

Shade Stable with Panels

Shade Stable without Panels


Dimensions: 4000mm x 4000mm x 3200mm

Our Shade Stable is perfect for providing adequate shelter and comfort for your livestock and other domestic animals. 55 more words


Kindness - get some focus

The power of focus.

A friend was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. She decided that a re focus was needed to help her through this difficult time. 50 more words