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Kindness. Running

The kindness of people after my runs has been overwhelming. the donations to the samaritans has been extraordinary.

There’s something about running that goes beyond the feet hitting the road. 51 more words

The Story of Jameson

There has always been a trend of people deeming certain dog breeds as “aggressive” than others. Growing up, I remember hearing that German Sheppards, Rottweilers, and even Chows were aggressive dogs. 1,366 more words

Political Talks

The Power of Home

Home is where you hang your heart.

Billy Ward and the Dominoes

I was walking in the door as my husband was walking out. We shared a few brief minutes together enjoying the fleeting touch in the hours of other commitments. 453 more words


As we evolve, so does our understanding of the basic necessities of life. In a century driven by fast-paced technology and power-driven individuals, there are five basic needs of human life which hold true from centuries ago and for centuries to come. 637 more words


My Shelter and My Song

I find words a therapeutic medium. Writing helps me organize my heart and mind and gives me understanding and comfort. Being understood is therapeutic as well. 341 more words