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The Dreamcast Diaries: Shenmue 2

The Dreamcast diaries is a series in which I examine my catalogue of games that helped make SEGA’s opus the best console of all time. 994 more words


Yu And You: Old Shenmue

Old 2000 interview from Gamer’s Republic with Yu Suzuki. I apologize about some of the blurs, but I’d figured I’d post some highlights from the brief interview. 302 more words

Blast From The Past

Shenmue 3 is finally happening thanks to Kickstarter and the fans

Christmas 2000 was a surprisingly cold Christmas in Belfast and I still remember it being a weird time. I was in my early teens, we were starting to notice girls, get cell phones and find out that none of that matters when you have… 597 more words



Shenume 3 is happening. This is an exciting time we’re living in! I may be on vacation, but here’s some awesome artwork from Shenmue 2! Why is Shenmue so important? 23 more words

Game Art

Top 10 Shenmue Achievements (If Only)

Imagine if the achievement system we all know & love so well existed for games of yesterday? Think about some of the tougher tasks you did…there was nothing but your sense of pride to indicate what you’d just done (or a save file). 525 more words

The Disc

AoY Podcast #50 - Lisle Wilkerson Interview


Download Episode HERE! (Total Time: 59:06)

The day has finally come, where we make our 50th Podcast episode. And what better way than to do a recorded interview with a video game voice actress like… 299 more words

Video Games

Gaming Memories: Shenmue I & II (Sega Dreamcast)

I wanted to write a piece explaining why I, amongst many others, believe that Shenmue and Shenmue 2 are the two greatest pieces of art to ever be created. 985 more words