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What sort of a "Pastor" are you?

Today, in our current ecclesiastical vernacular, there are all sorts of titles for one to choose. A partial list includes:

Lamb Tajine with Dates and Almonds

I wish I had taken more photos of this dish, but my day was spent clearing weeds from the polytunnel doors so I could actually shut them; dagging sheep (who had had the scours!); dog training, making masses of black pudding; working on the horror that was strawberry world (but more on that later); and slap marking pigs in the dark. 265 more words


Putting the bees to bed

Earlier in the week I finally got round to putting my bees to bed for the winter. I wrapped them in chicken wire – well the hives, not the individual bees,  that would take forever – to stop woodpeckers coming and gobbling up all my bees and their stores. 283 more words

Small Farm

No One Left Behind

This week I’ve been pondering the subject of division and the enemy’s attempt to bring strife. While at the same time, still thinking more of God’s heavenly unity. 869 more words


Kenny the ram came to visit with his two Herdy friends. The plan was to keep them in the hugelkultur field for a week and then let the ram in with the ewes after I had separated them from their lambs. 134 more words