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Dear Church, It’s the Pastor’s Job to Warn You of Savage Wolves

by Timothy

On Facebook, a fellow pastor pointed out the what celebrity pastor Andy Stanley was teaching about the Old Testament was “really wrong.” Of course, this brought out all kinds of comments from the enemies of truth implying how unloving, mean, and wicked the pastor was for doing so. 569 more words


Simmering Sea-monsters

On Sunday afternoon, after a hugely busy nine days on the campsite cooking pizzas, running the Blue Rabbit Cafe and doing egg collection Alfie and I went for a swim. 154 more words


Caring for Others When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

Life often comes with its fair share of cultural expectations. It’s expected that you’ll go to college. It’s expected that you’ll land that big job. It’s expected that you’ll get married. 1,045 more words


You Can Leave Your Boots On

This morning was a bit of a mess around the farm.  We had a pretty severe storm pop-up directly over the farm (it was good fun to watch on radar).  1,105 more words

Special K

We found a lump on Special K’s neck last week. It was huge – the size of my fist. I suspected it was an abscess. I phoned the vet and they said to bathe it in salt water for a few days. 240 more words


Winding up Wednesday: Why I Shear My Sheep

Shearing season is finally behind us here in Serenity. I personally hand sheared all my sheep. It’s grungy, back breaking work. Some people think I shear just to have the wool, to make money, or because I’m greedy. 329 more words

Winding Up Wednesday