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Friday's Flock - The Mighty Ox & How NOT to Handle Mucking the Sheep Pen

The Mighty Ox

I always wanted a pony growing up. I’m a good rider, and I trained hunter/jumper. I’m also good at using a horse to round up, drive, and cut cattle. 571 more words


Winding up Wednesday: The "Trash" Fleece

The problem with perfect fleeces or “Did you have to tell me that?”

If you’ve been following this blog then you know I have a policy of no fleece left behind. 529 more words


Brussel Sprouts

A friend called, his girlfriend wanted to know if we could use 500kg of brussel sprouts that a local supermarket were looking to off-load.

Err, yes, of course we could. 96 more words


“...a mysterious element in the whole work of selecting elders” by Phil A. Newton

“This is indeed a mysterious element in the whole work of selecting elders. A congregation seeks to nominate godly men who are confirmed by the qualifications in the Word. 196 more words

The Good Shepherd

As I looked across the table, last Friday, at the birthday boy, I realized that this was a different Christmas indeed.

With hubby on a medical leave, there was a palatable absence of something … 490 more words


That Thing ....

That thing when your friend sends you a text telling you they have left a leg of deer in your outside fridge, but you are in the middle of a huge tidy and re-organise of your house (and I mean huge) so you whizz up a few carrots and two leeks you found while cleaning out the polytunnel of rat-infested doom with a onion and some garlic from storage in the garage and make this and then eat it for the next few days. 204 more words