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PTM is one of the best gatherings in North America to connect with other shepherds and caregivers of cross-cultural workers. 125 more words

Shepherding Well

Dirty Jobs: Changing Without Being Changed

Doing the dirty job of shepherding required that Joseph stepped outside of the palace and into the presence of the people he was called to serve, he had to plan with their needs in mind, and yet the final step was the most delicate balance. 921 more words


Dirty Jobs: Planning with People in Mind

Joseph doesn’t just stop with getting to know the issues facing the people or traveling the land, he takes the proactive step of…

Planning With the People in Mind (Gen. 714 more words


Independent Sheep = Goat

Ever seen a sheep crossing the road alone without its shepherd? He stands in the middle of the road timid, crying for help. 474 more words

First Love Church

Do You Belong?

I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a particular place (or places) that everyone of us feels like we don’t quite fit, and the places where we think we do we still have a nagging sense that we don’t.   952 more words


Traditional use of caves

Shepherding is an age-old occupation. José Miguel de Barandiaran already realised traditional pasture lands coincided with areas of highest concentration of dolmens, a fact that suggests such funerary constructions might have been built by people dedicated to animal husbandry. 447 more words

Livestock And Grazing

When Worlds Collide in Kaleidoscopic Technicolour

Today I put together a presentation on Ottoman diplomacy and oversaw the hatching of 20-odd chicks in my incubators; I worked on a proposal for a edited collection of articles on silence and censorship and watched a man expertly cut the head off a large cow; I agonised over how to reference Ottoman manuscripts in my bibliography and held a two-month old lamb as she died in my arms. 201 more words