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Reassembling the Ft. Lauderdale Five! SpiritWars000000029

Some Fringe church trivia for you:  which of these pictured here and in this podcast are not originally a part of the Ft. Lauderdale 5 who started the Shepherding/ Discipleship Movement some decades ago? 117 more words

Spiritual Warfare

Abberant Theology: A Lutherish Warning

I have been hearing about this fella for a wee while now. He’s quite the character by all accounts. Many I know have had a close acquaintance with him and others I trust speak highly of him, though not uncritically. 608 more words


Sheep work

Over the past two weeks I have started to introduce Zephi to the sheep in a working context. In other words I have let him lose on the sheep. 207 more words


An Instagram Slice of Life

Happy New Year.

The blog slipped a bit towards the end of December because of the wretched book, the exciting Christmas project and a lovely visit from friends. 95 more words


Chicken Kiev

Today has been another slaughter Sunday. I didn’t sleep too well last night as I had a series of anxiety dreams about missing deadlines; I scalded my leg when boiling water soaked my jeans; I cut the palm of my hand quite deeply while butchering the chickens; my puppy has been very naughty; and it would have been my Dad’s birthday today, if he hadn’t have died. 259 more words


Puppy in a Cage

Uh oh, the puppy is in a cage – can he he really have been that naughty?

This is not what you think. It is the sendaway cage that my friend and dog trainer lent me. 398 more words


Puppy Eyes

Zeph’s training of me seems to be going to schedule. How can you look into these eyes and not be bewitched.

I have also been training him and now he does a lovely sit… 156 more words