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5 Ways Our Faith Informs Our Social Work

5 Ways Our Faith Informs Our Social Work…

  1. Gospel-hope keeps us going. Let’s face it, sometimes when working with people in crisis, transition or struggling it is hard to not get discouraged. 
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Jude's view

We have a guest photographer on the blog today – Jude. He took some gorgeous photos of the smallholding and animals at the weekend so here is a little slice of our life from the camera lens of Jude. 103 more words


Shepherding Women...

I walked up the stairs this Wednesday afternoon at the shelter slower than normal. Maybe it was the heart burden of weekend shelter-happenings, maybe it was the four hours straight of one-on-ones this morning (poor planning), maybe it was the weather, maybe it was something I ate earlier… 629 more words

"Leader, shepherd .. coach"​

I telephoned an external  lawyer last week and went through to his voicemail: “Hi, this is the Coach. …  Please leave a message.”   The invitation was clearly recorded for a junior sports team, and I didn’t get the answer I sought at the time, but I found it reassuring. 302 more words

Reformation and Revival

Of late, I have been burdened about the spiritual condition of our church; perhaps my prolonged absence from church has heightened my sensitivity due to my intimate experience of lethargy and lukewarmness. 388 more words


The Yardstick of Faithfulness

by Paul Tautges

Yesterday, I was talking to a pastor who has been fighting discouragement. He wondered if it was worth serving God anymore, if it was worth his continued sacrifice and the sacrifice of his family. 1,070 more words