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Having Influence without Positional Authority

One of the challenges in the act of providing shepherd care is influencing change without wielding great or any organizational, positional line-authority. Many times I am in a situation where there are clearly systemic or personnel dynamics at play that ought to be addressed clearly and sooner rather than later. 1,436 more words

Shepherding Well

Every shepherd should also be a sheep

Every sheep should also be a shepherd and every shepherd should also be a sheep.


On Home Ground

It seems to me that the life of the shepherdess is dominated by bureaucracy, logistics and medical concerns. This was certainly the theme the other weekend. 728 more words


Goats and Sheep

We’re entertaining the goats, but not feeding the sheep.

~ Charles Spurgeon, quoted by Norman Geisler in a seminar at the Transform (Converge) meetings in Florida in January 2014


Ministers, not Masters

from The Cripplegate by Mike Riccardi

“Not that we lord it over your faith . . .”
2 Corinthians 1:24

Second Corinthians is a book about ministry.

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Discipleship Lost

I am going to take a quick break away from the Easter series this week.  I will complete that next Friday.  Today, I want to share on the subject of Discipleship and Counseling.  1,927 more words



Now, following on the heels (hooves?) of a post about the Shepherd of Psalm 23. . . .

So-and-so says, “I used to pastor a church in down in Farm City.” 868 more words

Biblical (or Abiblical) Doctrine