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Untitled Series 2020

Untitled.1 2020

Untitled.2 2020

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Sheree Murphy


Invisible, TAG, care.

Person, heart lost.

Get Lost.

Warmth remember.

Forgotten homeless careless.

Life, Fire, Hot.

C-Type Print 2001, iPhone 2016, Collage 2018

I produced these three pieces of work over two decades. Each piece shares the paradoxical nature of laying yourself bare, whether that be your physical body, fame or the remains of a tree that is no longer free to feel the sunshine, wind and rain through its leaves.

Our need to 'share'

“All of it drives me crazy. I don’t understand this need to ‘share’ we almost exploit ourselves to feel seen”.

Scarlett Johansson

Speaking to Marie Claire 2016 about social media

via Picture Maker’s photography course is back starting September 9th 2019.

Hello All, I shall be running an online photography course exploring the creative side to photography, its open to all abilities.

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