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“What agency are you all from?” the sheriff asked the group of dark-suited men and women who had just entered the building.

A tall dark-haired man in a steel gray suit stepped forward and handed the sheriff a black card.  6,439 more words


Netflix Quest: #7 Eureka

The forest was vast.

A single rabbit ran by, its mechanical eye glowing red. I watch it disappear into the brush before I continued on. Wondering, briefly, where it was headed. 851 more words

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EUREKA Goes Out with a Bang-Up Episode

Episode 513 “Just Another Day”

This week, we said “Farewell” to our friends in Eureka.

It’s the series finale, and there are plenty of moments in the hour to draw tears. 593 more words


Grace Under Pressure on EUREKA

Episode 510 “The Honeymooners”

It’s back to nature for the Carters!

Jack and Allison Carter, newly married while faced with drowning at the bottom of Lake Archimedes in a leaking experimental deep-sea submersible… (uhm.. 1,327 more words


EUREKA Gets Fired Up

Episode 504 “Friendly Fire”

We’re almost (but not quite) back to the formula that has made Eureka so successful (to the point where the network has cancelled it as a reward… erm.. 546 more words


EUREKA Gets Back to Reality

Episode 503 “Force Quit”

To start with, for the record, I think Beverly Barlowe is a weak character. She’s never been a fully-developed villain. It’s almost like the creators of the show… 702 more words