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Wovember Words: Roo and cru

When we talk about Harvesting Wool here on WOVEMBER, we usually mean shearing sheep for their wool with shears. However in some cases wool can be extracted from the back of a sheep by a process known as “rooing”. 467 more words

Harvesting Wool

the whole process.

It started out looking like this…And slowly but surely, became this…From sheep to baby blanket… It’s the first time I’ve ever accomplished the whole process from start to finish in many many years of wanting it to happen!  355 more words

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The Lambs Third Day Out

I’m thankful the lamb stall is small.  I went out with my husband this morning (he is on vacation) in order to halter the lambs and bring them out into the front barnyard.   165 more words


Pasture: Full Access

Today, we removed the temporary fencing and gave the sheep full access to pasture.  Previously, the sheep had limited access to pasture until we were sure everyone would adjust without issue to their new home and pasture. 14 more words


Sheep Profiles: Abner

It’s hard to believe …..our Lil Abner is all grown up now.  He’s not Lil anymore. 6 more words


Walnut dyepots

When my cousin Polly came to visit earlier this summer, she brought with her an exciting gift.  She had been walking the fields and byways of her Cambridge home, and discovered a walnut tree, dropping its fruit onto the public path.  894 more words

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right now :: handspun

There is indigo in the garden. Ready. Ready for me to utilize it’s magic blue. Now, thanks to Robin’s knowledge and experimentation with using indigo as a dye plant, I’ve got the know-how to turn some of my yarn blue. 32 more words

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