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I feel like I need to catch up on a few odds and ends at this point.  So, to start; Charlotte is still heavy with lamb.  873 more words


Yesterday I lost a ewe.  It was Abigail, my lead ewe.  It was unexpected and horrible to come home to.  I hadn’t lost a sheep in over a year and to lose one so abruptly was a shock.  249 more words


I sneak into the sheep pen every morning hoping to not disturb the flock.  The time before everyone has gotten-up and started their day is when I can get the best overview of how everyone is doing.  403 more words

A Single Holdout

Nearly done.  I have one last lady, Charlotte, to lamb still and then lambing 2018 is in the books.  On Monday, my smallest ewe Eva gave birth to a healthy little ram lamb.  181 more words

Sleeping Beauties

Over the weekend, four more lambs were born.  First it was twins from Fanny with a ewe/ram pair that were both white!  Yay!  The little ram is spotted and the ewe is almost entirely white. 193 more words

Welcome to the Flock Gentlemen

I had a meeting for the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival in Ames and I didn’t get home until after dark last night.  So it was with a headlamp that I greeted this little guy.  425 more words