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Random and Mysterious

I just looked back to see when I had last posted and was surprised to see that it was a month ago! Where does the time go? 597 more words


Moving along at the speed of time

Time flies at the same rate it always does, 24 hours a day.  So quite what I’ve done with all those 24-hour aliquots since I last posted is a bit of a mystery, but I know it was all fun.  463 more words

Life In Paris

New Inspirations

Like it does in Northern California, the weather abruptly changed from a heat wave to it really feeling like Fall. We’ve started to use the extra blanket again (ok, I know that compared to other places our weather is positively balmy, but we’re wusses.), I’ve dug out my slippers that look like giant puppies, my breakfast is switching to hot oatmeal instead of cold cereal, the cat starts wanting to sleep inside (in the middle of the path to the kitchen, nonetheless) and I can’t stop dreaming about new warm knits. 372 more words

Almost there...

Next weekend is our little retreat! I’ve written up the classes and am just finishing off some swatches. Kathryn is preparing the dyes and Maureen is  finalizing the menu. 443 more words



Over the long weekend, I finished this shawl. Here I’ve shown it folded in half. It’s actually a large square. So large, in fact, that I’ve not yet blocked it because I have no idea where I’d lay it to dry. 51 more words

FO: Thyme

Doing FO posts has been a staple for me since I started this blog, however I haven’t written one in 2013, despite finishing 13 projects, and two yarns, so far this year.   452 more words


Chain knitting …

The first time I saw a smoker light a cigarette not with a match but with a cigarette I was amazed. The thought that you could keep an activity going  limited only by your supply (in this case of cigarettes) seemed amazing. 83 more words