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The Path that led to ISIS: A history of violence in Iraq

This is the text of an article I published in Contributoria earlier this year. It’s quite long, but I don’t think it’s too hard going and if you stick it out to the end then you’ll know more than most people about what’s going on in Iraq and where ISIS/IS/Daesh came from. 3,237 more words


The Situation in Syria is Worse than Ever, and Worse Than You Thought

George Gulino, JHU:

ISIS, or rather Daesh, has come back into focus as a chief international security threat since the attacks in Paris on November 13th. 1,162 more words

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Important clarification regarding the accusation 'Mu'aawiyah and ‘Aaishah (May Allah be satisfied with them all) were against ‘Ali Ibn Abi Twaalib'

Mu’aawiyah and ‘Aaishah (May Allah be satisfied with them all) were against ‘Ali Ibn Abi Twaalib even though he was The Khalifah of the Muslims, and they did not agree with him (‘Ali) being their Amiir (chief). 671 more words


Islam and extremism. What's the connection?

The Bible’s new testament was written in about 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ, the actual Bible, the old testament, is a collection of books. 466 more words


Pulling Out the Prayer Dress

Assalaamu alaikum everyone! Men, if you’re easily embarrassed, now is a good time to stop reading. I’ll give you a hint about the topic of this post: women have a menstrual cycle. 425 more words

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Shia-Sunni conflict explained...

It is really important to understand this because it will provide you the fundamental cause of all the trouble in middle east region. We need to understand this conflict to understand Islamic state (IS) story. 291 more words

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