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Islamic History, part 27: early Shiʿa traditions (632-c. 800)

Islamic History Series

So last time out we looked at the history we’ve already covered from the perspective of the emerging Shiʿa minority. Here we’ll take a (hopefully shorter) look at Shiʿism itself as it began to emerge over the first century and a half after Muhammad’s death. 2,504 more words


A Tale of Two Strings

“Weaving a carpet is not easy,” my grandfather once told me, “anyone can make a knot, any fool can braid strings, and a child can work a loom, none of these a carpet weaver make…” 1,183 more words

Understand That Islam Is Divided - Stewart Schnur

There are two major sects of Islam. There are also sub-sects found in different countries with unique teachings. Keeping in mind that to the Muslim the mosque and the state go together, the two major sects of Islam are the Sunni and the Shia. 755 more words


A Holy War on the Arabian Peninsula?

When we last engaged I was opining that the Intelligence Community (IC) seems least prepared to warn effectively against what it perceives as the most immediate and likely threat to the homeland – – –  the self-radicalized Islamic Jihadi “lone wolf” already residing  in the United States.  974 more words


former Kuwait MP Waleed Al-Tabatabaie: "Ahwaz struggle represent the first Arab defense line against Iran"

Source: mozdwj.com

Speaking in an interview after the Hague Conference on 90th anniversary of Iranian occupation of Al-Ahwaz, the former Kuwait MP Waleed al Tabatabaei… 18 more words


Claiming that " `Alee deserved the caliphate, not 'Aboo Bakr, Umar and Uthmaan after the Prophet's demise."

Question 539: One of the beliefs of al-Zaydiyyah is that the caliphate was for `Alee ibn Aboo Taalib (may Allah be pleased with him), but the Companions wronged him and usurped his right to the caliphate, and that the Messenger (peace be upon him) willed the caliphate for him after his death. 83 more words

The Creed (العقيدة)