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A Solution To All Our Problems

A remarkable scientific discovery was announced today: there are seven (yes, SEVEN) “Earth-like” planets revolving around a single star, named TRAPPIST-1. Even better news is that at least three of these planets are in the habitable zone. 157 more words

Shia LaBeouf Pays the Troll Toll: How His Latest Performance Accidentally Captured America’s Noxious Social Climate Through A Stream Darkly

Nathan Le Master / Colter Harris
February 14, 2017

“The installation created a serious and ongoing public safety hazard for the museum, its visitors, its staff, local residents and businesses.” 2,217 more words


Something Fishy.

​Something Fishy.
Khomeini writes in his book titled _’Al Hukoomatul Islaamiyyah WA Wilaatul Faqih’_

“ان من ضرورات مذهبنا ان لأئمتنا مع الله تغالى مقاما لا يسع ملكا مقربا و لا نبيا مرسلا” 658 more words


Ibn Taymiyyah's Stance On The Shi'ah

Ibn Taymiyyah said,

“Whoever curses the companions or one of them or joins with his curse, or claims that ‘Ali is worthy of worship (a god) or a prophet or that Jibreel was mistaken, then there is no doubt in his kufr. 23 more words

Shiasm Exposed

Beyond Iraq's Headlines

TIM ARANGO — Although the risks for journalists in Iraq may be highly visible, reporting in the country has only become easier.  3,244 more words


Radicalization in the 21st Century

The history of radicalization starts from the beginning of the first millennia when the spread of religious groups a fought against each other with the aim of colonizing large populations with their doctrines. 489 more words


He Will Not Divide Us: A Timeline of Events

Nathan Le Master
February 1, 2017


Bold, black, and Helvetica. The text He Will Not Divide Us appears above a camera and microphone aside The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens, the latest performance art piece by Shia LaBeouf. 519 more words