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Problems With Iraqi Shia Militas

As the battle against ISIS begins to have an end in sight on the Iraqi front, with the falls of several key towns in Iraq such as Tikrit and Ramadi many have begun to quietly muse that the next fight could be against the coalitions most effective fighting forces, the Shia Militias operating among and along with the regular Iraqi army. 736 more words


A Growing Love for Kabul

Afghanistan and Iran, citizenship and memories

Sara Shayan only guessed what Kabul was like for almost three decades, visualizing her parents’ hometown via family stories, old photographs and news reports — until September of 2015. 1,131 more words


Baghdad's Green Zone Erupts

Iraqi security forces cracked down on supporters of Shia Cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr who stormed Baghdad’s Green Zone today. The protesters made into the Iraqi parliament building and Prime Minister Abadi’s office. 316 more words


A LIE OF RAFIDAH Against Ibn al Qayyim

A LIE OF RAFIDAH against Ibn al Qayyim, that He said: “Masturbation is allowed for men and women”, They have quoted that Ibn al Qayyim said: 168 more words


Intellectual differences between Sunni and Shi'a Muslims.

This paper will discuss the differences between the two main groups within Islam, the Sunnis and Shi’ites. There will be an inclusion of quotes from a range of different books showing the differences of the intellectual structures between Sunni Islam and Shi’ism. 2,703 more words

Muslim hypocrisy & bigotry.

We hear word “bigotry” often in western society specially from fellow muslims. Being foreign to English, Initially I was not aware of this word till 9/11. 823 more words