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Exciting day today super stoked for the announcement of 15.1.  Got to watch the live stream of Froning versus Fraser.  It was an epic battle I couldn’t take my eyes off my phone for a second.  229 more words

Shiba Inu


Such a good girl . Took this before work today thinking nothing out of the ordinary would happen. After work, hit up CA’s pool with AS and JS. 10 more words

Project 365

Two Years With Maxwell

Two years ago today Chris and I made the big decision to adopt a dog. Two days prior we had a made a trip to the Franklin County Dog Shelter to sign up as volunteers but we decided to take a peek at the available dogs as well. 247 more words


So You Bought Yourself a Shiba Inu

See him there,

Walking down the street with that little immaculate dog skippin’ next to him

He’s wearin’ some flannel and thick glasses but damn he been outshone by a canine… 159 more words

Beauty From My Phone

Hello my lovelies :) For today, I want to share with you some of my favorite pictures from my phone. The first is the most amazing- my friend took this. 97 more words


Or a Burger?

My brother is a silly person.  Perhaps we are related.

Dealing with vine videos on a computer is awkward.

Bene scribete.


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