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Japanese pet owner illustrates likeness between adorable Shiba Inu and Pokémon Eevee

Japanese net users weigh in on the similarities between the Shiba Inu pup and the Evolution Pokémon. 389 more words


Friday Funday

So many nice things happen today!

First, it’s Friday, which means well, sleeping in a bit tomorrow. This is ALWAYS a good thing. Secondly, I made a decision on which book I’ll be finally starting to work on, (I am a children’s author on the side, too!) and it syncs with my hero Ernest Hemingway, so I’m happy there. 214 more words

Shiba Inu

I said Dog Noodle

I have seen the dog scooters that everyone seems so fond of. They are big. With a regular sized front tire, even. And on each of them there is this giant half-a-hula-hoop sized metal arch over the front wheel. 128 more words

Shiba Inu

Still waiting. 

I am still waiting for the red paracord and I am not happy.

I want to get started!

His present slip is ok, but stiff and he managed to twist out of it today. 52 more words

Shiba Inu

Time for a Big Boy collar

Up until now, Shoji has worn my teardrop harness that works so well for him. But he’s slowly getting fluffier, (Winter Is Coming!) and I want to make a more definite switch between ‘mushing’ harness and ‘walking’ outfit. 166 more words

Shiba Inu