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Comic 64 | Flying Fur

Hey Mr Katsu, it’s shiba seasonal shedding time! Shibas “shed/blow” their soft undercoat twice a year. You’ll need MORE than a lint roller between winter and spring and again between summer and fall. 14 more words


Searching for Murakami: Crossing the Kyoto canine (part 2)

Six hours after leaving Tokyo and taking the shinkansen through Honshu, I finally arrive in Kyoto. From the main station, the local train meanders north to pick up various commuters and schoolchildren, before dropping me off at my mildly suburban destination. 984 more words


A Change In Lifestyle

This is a big change, not for me, but for my dogs, Roxy and Champ. Watching the documentary Pet Fooled made me think about what I was feeding our beloved pets.  126 more words

Confessions Of A Shiba Stalker

Okay, I’m going to come right out and admit I don’t actually have a dog. You would, however, be forgiven for assuming that I was knee-deep in shiba inus, on account of I own a scary amount of stuff that is almost exclusively bought by fanatical pet owners who, uh, own shiba inus. 229 more words

Made In Japan

365 Challenge: Day 67 - Pet-Dad

Pet-Dad: male caregiver and parent to a pet

I woke up this morning in the most uncomfortable position, with the covers trapped around me, feeling like I had a heavy weight atop me in a coffin. 1,083 more words

365 Day Challenge

A Day with Rusty (1/6)

What does Rusty do when Aren goes to work?