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Happy Easter! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


柴犬 | Shiba Inu




Sutanpu | 印章

Shiba Inu - Dog Of The Month

I chose the Shiba Inu for my Dog of the Month because it’s just so “foxy” and adorable.  I have a friend who has a Shiba, and I am taken with just how intelligent and dignified her dog is – she’s not one to really frolic or roll over for a belly rub, but she is inquisitive and kind.    183 more words

Shop Talk

Teacher: Most women want to get married or travel in their thirties. What about you?
Lily: I just want to have a stable job and raise a Shiba Inu.

Student Of The Week

Transplanting Lilac Bushes

Sunday I noticed the first buds on the lilac bushes, which I have been needing to transplant since we put the fence up last summer. I managed to dig three of the four up and moved them into the front garden, in front of the big porch windows. 131 more words



Is this a bear? In Gary’s studio?
No. It is Kiya, a shiba inu. Which is a Japanese dog breed.