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Toddler goes for an adorable dog walk but the question is: who's walking who?

We can’t decide who’s cuter in this clip – the excited toddler or the patient shiba inu! 331 more words


Trying a different tack

(Excuse the pun. Read on!)

My Sho turned six months old finally a couple weeks ago. That means he can finally start having to take responsibility for some things. 108 more words

Shiba Inu

Cute Shiba Inu trio has Internet in stitches over classic stakeout routine

These canine siblings are showing their hilarious sense of humour in a number of adorable scenarios! 351 more words


My trip down the rabbit hole

I have been obsessed with getting a dog over the last few months. I like photography, graffiti, cinematography, among plenty other interests. I started at one link and ended up somewhere I didn’t necessarily expect. 29 more words

Assignment Post

Japanese pet owner illustrates likeness between adorable Shiba Inu and Pokémon Eevee

Japanese net users weigh in on the similarities between the Shiba Inu pup and the Evolution Pokémon. 389 more words