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Spring cleaning

My studio gets messy.  Not just a little messy, it turns into a full on tip when I’ve been working on projects back to back.  I’m not by nature a particularly tidy person, and it doesn’t help that I have a tendency to hoard things.  542 more words

Shiba Inu

At Age 25

I’ve been gone for a while because I’ve been trying to come to terms with what I am again. It’s an ongoing process but I’m 26 years old and feel as though now is the time to come to terms with myself in this grand scheme. 347 more words


dog, sleeping, asleep, shiba inu, sleeping dog Gif For Fun

dog, sleeping, asleep, shiba inu, sleeping dog Gif for Fun at your Time



I’ve posted a lot of things about film and the film industry so far, that is why for this post I have decided to reflect more on my personality. 327 more words

Things that have made me smile this week...and MORE rain!

It might seem a little odd to some of you that I so frequently talk about the weather. That would probably mean that you live in a region that HAS weather. 645 more words


An Apple, a Shiba and the Art of Compromise

I just had a re-run of the same conversation I’ve been having for twenty years.

Mum: What do you eat for breakfast.

Me: Usually a piece of fruit at the office and then an early lunch. 491 more words

Life Lessons