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5 weeks old pups

Pups are still with mom and dad. Today the breeder posted a few new cute photos of the litter T.

3 more weeks and we will pick up Taimah… I can’t wait :)

all photos: Joanna Rogoziewicz/GoNanKaiho

Shiba Inu

My sweet little bear

The video that the breeder sent me yesterday evening… it’s so adorable, isn’t it?

Shiba Inu

Opportunity vs. Dream

Part of my life strategy is to always capitalize on opportunity, which sometimes means not following my dream.  In reality, I don’t even have a single “dream”, or a lifelong passion. 475 more words

2017 Project 365, Day 331: Shiba Inu!!!

Photo #331: November 27

Me: So sleeeeeppppyyyyy
Doggo: Lemme wake you up, sensei!!!

AHHHHH CUTIE PIE!!!! I LOVE YOUUUU    His name is Qoo, a 3-yo Shiba inu.

Up and Running

Hey everyone!! 

First post time, gonna just start with some bits about me and my life and what my plan is for the next post. I understand my blog isn’t designed properly yet and that is due to the fact i’m getting used to working this thing. 380 more words


Taimah... which one is it?

As I wrote in other posts, there are 3 girls born in the liter T in Gonankaiho kennel.

One of them is a little devil, screaming a lot and being a bit “pain in the ass” (as much as the little one can be) and the other two are very similar to each other (picture below). 51 more words

Shiba Inu

"I love you so much that I'm not giving you a taste."

Recently, I brought home a roasted chicken for dinner. Miko groaned and whined with impatient Shiba anticipation that she’d get some in her food. She did! 355 more words

Shiba Inu