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Keiko's Favorite Things

I spoil Keiko (he is a diva after all), so I am always looking for new dog toys that will entertain him. He usually prefers to lay around if we aren’t out for a walk and unless you are playing tug-of-war with him, he doesn’t hold interest in any toy for long. 927 more words


I got told off.......

I was in trouble yesterday with Nikki.

In fact I’ve been in trouble with her since Saturday.

Roller skating without protection is my crime…….

It was all fine until I was attacked by an evil lip at the end of a bridge…… the skates swooped out from under me as I tried to jump/step/skate over it and I landed on my right hand, elbow and bottom with great heaviness and much attention from those around me. 416 more words


Simplify Sunday- Minimizing the Apartment 

For some reason, I’ve been feeling a little more anxiety lately. When I saw this picture of Kuma the Shiba, I instantly felt more calm. He’s just so fluffy, happy, and relaxed. 471 more words

Shiba Inu


It is amazing how a smile can change someone’s day. In the muddiness of life where dark seems to overshadow light, a smile helps remind people that life isn’t as bad as it seems. 51 more words

Dog Kennels

Heading back home and I cannot wait to pick my little diva man up from his normal kennel in Virginia for probably the last time.  He and I both are going to miss that kennel like crazy when we move up to NY. 703 more words


Good morning!

Little bugger just hates it when I work.