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Comme Ca Cafe

It’s a bit too utilitarian to really be a good place to chill, but Comme Ca Cafe’s fruit tarts are too mouthwatering not to share. Prices range from 590yen to 790yen for a slice. 7 more words


Suzu Cafe

A large laid-back cafe around the Jinnan area in Shibuya, Suzu Cafe is worth a stop not just for the surprisingly good food but also the funky music. 7 more words


Franc Franc Cafe

Shibuya’s best-kept chilling secret. Hidden in the basement of the Franc Franc outlet opposite Mandarake, this spacious cafe boasts comfortable seats and a decent range of drinks (mostly 400-500yen). 6 more words


Sunday Coffee Stand

A good place to get away from the sweaty youthful exuberance of Shibuya. This Hawaiian concept cafe is near the Dougenzaka entrance of Mark City and offers tasty roasts as well as a limited selection of baked goods. 28 more words


Streamer Coffee Company

Every global city has them: the pioneers of the latte art trend, focal centres of the 20-something yuppie set, purveyors of all things hipster. In Tokyo, Streamer Coffee Company is one of the flag-bearers of the contemporary coffee chill-out scene.  27 more words


Meeting ray in Shibuya

This tuesday it was time for me and Jessica to meet Ray (one of our focus artists) and his support guitarist. But first we enjoyed some extremely delicious salmon sashimi in Aoyama. 237 more words

Me In Japan

Eating raw chicken, Meiji shrine and Yoyogi

Yesterday was sunny and warm. First Jess and I headed to Tower Records in Shibuya, since Mejibray had just released their new DVD. I bought myself a Phantasmagoria DVD though. 226 more words