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PULSE - A Gentle Reminder

Last week I had a chance to help some people come to agreement on a long-standing issue.  It’s always satisfying when you can see what’s in the way and help them move around or through or over or under what ever that is.   255 more words

SHIFT Happens

Shift happens: Bell bottoms and platform shoes

Recently, I spoke to a group of university students.  In my presentation I talked about my past–specifically my graduation from dental school.  In 1989, I left school and ventured off into the business world.   643 more words


By now some of you will be able to tell that the SHARP as a Marble post was a repeat of the Making a SHIFT.  I was testing out the new website drnancylove.com  It is live and it is undergoing some adjustments as I figure out how to keep all of you informed and interested and move to the new site without disruption.   158 more words

SHIFT Happens

Community Enrichment: An interview with life skills worker Haedy Mason

Haedy Mason a life skills worker at the Powell River Community Resource Centre (CRC), who runs the Shift Happens program there, was able to sit down with Career Sense and give us a little more of her story. 555 more words

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Sharp, Happy, Independent, Fit and Trusting - Making the SHIFT

Just a brief note today on the importance of measuring your wellbeing from time to time.  How well are you feeling on each of the five intelligence measures? 140 more words

The Saga of the Lost Computer and Other Things That Take Time Away

This morning I am writing on a brand new computer.   I had a great one that froze on me way back in September.  I spent hours and hours trying to get it back but it would work for an hour or so and then shut down without warning.   781 more words

SHIFT Happens


 Are you living your life the way your parents planned for you?

Is this really “as good as it gets?”  Is this really where you want to be 5, 10, 15 years from now?  612 more words