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getting a little shifty..

I’m writing this from a train, because per C, there is something very literary about writing on a train and I figured I would own it and let the power of the train fuel my creative juices (or something whimsical like that?) 675 more words


An Ape and a Pig

After reading this article over the weekend and watching the buffoonery of Monday night’s debate, I noticed that our current presidential candidates are strikingly similar to some characters I’ve encountered in fiction- and not characters that we would (or at least… 562 more words


My Food Tastes Of Resentment

I used to read stuff like ‘you can taste the love’ and think ‘phooey!’ Now I’m not so sure. 1,231 more words

Mantis Mantra

I am restless today. The energy is shifting again. First things were stagnant and heavy. the clouds were thick and the heat trapped in the formidable stillness. 425 more words

Working Nights - Why I chose the Time

Most would think I’m crazy to LOVE night work, but if those people worked a Sunday afternoon at my store my decision wouldn’t seem so outlandish. 195 more words


The benefits of Payroll System Software in Organizations

An organization is nothing in void of employees, as they play a stellar role in the business growth therefore, their significance is beyond compare in every organization. 412 more words

Payroll System Software