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Wednesday, 2 September, 2015  (posted 3 September, 2015)

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Since March, in particular, we have been expanding, growing and changing exponentially. 1,629 more words


The 180 degree shift in perspective I experienced on the 1st was brief. It barely lasted 24 hours. The day after was difficult with me falling back into pessimism and doubt. 887 more words


The Shift

I highly encourage everyone to watch Dr. Wayne Dyer’s movie, “The Shift.”  It is free for the next few days. Just click on the link below.   37 more words


Well Fruited Woman

This is starting, me getting on my new training to get well fruited ! Yeah ! Wish me Luck !

What are you doing to improve your sexual well being ?


News JP London POS2421 uStrip Peel and Stick Removable

Chairo Travertine has been the choice of the public available in 4×4, 3×6 and 6×6 inche squares. Many murals are painted on this stone because of the color of the stone, generally light. 326 more words

Pearls + studs

I tend to fall into patterns with my clothes, and my formula for work this summer has been belted shift dress, low heels, and a rotation of totes, if I’m not using my trusty… 183 more words


Gentlefawn Lillth Dress


Gentlefawn | Lillith Dress

SPLURGE – $120.00 | Colors Options: creek & snow | Dress Style: shift


The gorgeous, Vanessa Balli ( 108 more words