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Don’t Keep Me In Suspenders*

When I started the course I had been thinking about what to do for a living, but I hadn’t exactly been looking. I hadn’t known where to look. 703 more words

Trump’s Shift in Immigration Stance Echoes Obama Administration Policy


For more than a year, Donald Trump has cast President Barack Obama as too lax on illegal immigration. But the Republican nominee’s recent shift from calling for a deportation force to expel all illegal immigrants to focusing on criminals aligns his policy more closely with the current administration’s priorities. 997 more words

Daily News

Help please?


I need to list three books that my book is most like. I know you guys haven’t read the new book (cause not published :)), but some of you read… 16 more words


The Initial Veil

People have been convinced that they have to produce something for someone else in order to have “worth” on in this existence.

When this is accepted that person is then brought up into a control paradigm which operates on them mentally and emotionally equating to spiritual control. 241 more words

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Empowering VS Codependency

Just watched this and once more it clicked.

Empowering is not doing things for people and then letting them rip the glory out of my own work. 355 more words


Fortune forecast

Lol I went on an adventure and ended up at a local Chinese place. The girl was new and seemed really nervous about keeping me waiting (I’m nice I swear) so she gave me a couple fortune cookies to tide me over.

Sounds good to me !

Is it what I am about to do ?

I own no rights on the picture.

In a month and a week, I am supposed to fly more than 33 hours to get to a city where my ex lover lives and try to see him. 45 more words