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Dream: Full Moon Man

I had a particularly odd dream this morning in which I was being given information about some things to come.

Dream: Gym

The dream started out inside a truck. 978 more words


Keeping it real...

New waves
Bringing it Home
Wisdom to follow

I want to say how much I cherish being able to share and write what I write. I find it interesting to see what comes up as I do this as each post is written in the moment and is giving way for the bigger plan or picture that the Universe has, in helping to co-create this thing called Life. 317 more words

Day 28

I am ready to forgive.

All this time I have been holding on to being angry with the one who took my Dr. Radiancej, professor of African AMerican Literature with a concentration in hip-hop, a section of Af-Am studies that was actually available at Berkeley when I went to visit the campus years ago. 381 more words


A New Chapter

Friday morning as I was waking up I heard two separate things: The first was The White Ray and then Quantum Leaps.  I didn’t hear anything else so I just wrote it in my journal.  177 more words

oscillating Joy

During extended stretches of cycling in Tibet I was often wracked with shooting pain across my knees. They’ve seen a lot of abuse over many daring decades and this final chapter really pushed their mechanical limits. 217 more words

Ready For A Major Breakthrough? It Starts With Fire

Fire Soul.

You know, your soul has signed up for a lifetime of being fused. Purgatory. That fucker.

Phoenix souls disobey many natural laws. They fall, they die, they resurrect and soar, stronger than before. 1,330 more words

Deep Stuff