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Sleeper Beast

Words: Shaer Reaz

On the surface, this week’s feature car could be any of the million silver Toyota Premios you see out on the road, albeit with a very nice set of wheels and a lowered stance. 546 more words


Shifting Perspective

My perception seems to be shifting. I think it has been going on for some time now but only now am I starting to recognize it as such. 206 more words


City of Gold

I had a lot happen last night so this post will focus only upon the OBEs I had.

Wrapped in a Blanket

I had been dreaming and had an encounter that was sexual in nature that woke me up. 1,108 more words


House Swap

Another extended dream from two nights ago. I awoke several times between scenes but it continued.

House Swap

I was standing with my husband next to a newly purchased five gallon container of paint. 719 more words


Extended Dreams

I have not yet shared the occurrences of what I will call “extended dreams” yet because it was not yet known to me. However, I am certain now of the existence of such a dream and the purpose of it. 1,273 more words



Short Shift…

I was talking to someone today who seemed to be looking at the world from their perspective which is okay.
However, they then proceeded to tell me all about the things that had apparently not worked out for them from that perspective. 223 more words

Personal Awarenesses

Love Poem #45 (Repost for Love Poems for the Exes 1)

You chronicled

My shift

In sexual power

A game

I knew when you

Went to your knees

I was powerful

Stronger than you thought

For it is the weak… 9 more words