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Jurnee Smollett-Bell Joins 'True Blood' to Fight for Her Right (to Be Covered in Fake Blood)

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What’s a political activist doing on a show about vampires? Trying to help shifters, werewolves, and other supernaturals fight for their rights, of course—and getting a little bloody in the process. 1,106 more words

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Bite Me: All Change – the first in the Bite Me series (only 99p/99c)

Saffron knows when a curse is really a blessing. Having been thrown into the world of werewolves Saffron learns to adapt, but in the process falls in love with a dangerous young vampire. 87 more words

From D7 to T10, part 2: Rear drivetrain pieces

Once the foundation of Bino’s drivetrain, the rear hub, was replaced, upgrading the rest of the drivetrain became a much more straightforward process.

With more cogs jammed into the same length of space on the rear hub, a more appropriate, narrower chain is needed. 424 more words


Triad (The Hidden Alpha #2) by Cara Wylde

Triad is book two of The Hidden Alpha series by Cara Wylde. It is best to read the Sold to the Alpha series before reading this series as this series references things that happened and are explained in detail in the first series. 280 more words



the air was cool
the day was young
it soon would warm
in the morning sun

but another source of heat
would warm this day… 410 more words


#FreeFictionFriday - Alpha Spirit: Chapter Thirty-One - The First Shift

We kept talking as I ate – just little things, unimportant things; I don’t even remember what we talked about, but it helped me focus, helped me remember that I was human. 195 more words


Reaper - book 3 in the Bite Me series

The pack are back and using their unique skills to track the terrifying and formidable Doctor Weldon with his extreme experiments. Who knows how many deaths are on his blood-soaked, dirt encrusted hands? 108 more words