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A Clearer Definition of "Shifts"

How to explain ourselves…

Hmm…well, this is a blog for us all to vent and talk about stuff, right? And part of that is probably not leaving this blog too vague or confusing so that people who follow us think we’re crazy (to be fair, they’ll think we’re crazy anyway, but we want them to think we’re less crazy.) So, onto shifts, since I have talked about them, and we do seem to experience them…I doubt they’re mental shifts, but still, shifts all the same. 753 more words

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The Song Unfolds

This that Is, the All there ever was or will be,

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient

This that I Am, the perfect This-ness

Perfect material sense of life in action… 118 more words


This is how the ground shifts

How the atoms rearrange themselves

to make it fit

This is how the mind learns

how the pathways made are

meant to meet

This is how one foot stands… 37 more words

Spring fashion drops!

Spring has almost sprung and the high street is showcasing all the latest fresh new trends. It’s always a welcome relief to shrug off winter wardrobe layering, and welcome in the warmer season with shiny new additions. 336 more words


Kurtinz Shifts Marketing Efforts to Roman Blinds for 2015

Kurtinz started to put more attention to roman blinds at the start of the year to emphasize its beauty and elegance across the U.K.

NOW or never

Note to Self:

There will always be a million and one reasons why we ‘can’t’ right now: “It’s not a good time,”  “I’m just too busy,” or the infamous (and my personal favorite), “I’ll start on Monday.” The problem with these ‘legitimate’ reasons to procrastinate is that they aren’t just present now or today, they are present tomorrow and every moment after. 249 more words