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Great Expectations 

If you have ever worked in retail, then you’ve heard of the phrase ‘Going above & beyond’.

What does this actually mean ? And more importantly, what does it mean for you when you work in retail ? 998 more words

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Two's company, three's a crowd

Whilst nobody ever asks such a question (and if they have, I must have forgotten), I must admit I wonder if people think of the following: how do you know your banshee kintype isn’t just due to hybridizing kintypes? 954 more words


small is a good thing.

Small can sometimes be a good thing.

On your journey through life you will of course experience life and there will be shifts in your understanding of things. 100 more words


Holding the Space...

As a spiritual director it is my call to hold space for those with whom I sit; creating a container with the capacity to hold fear, love, anger, anxiety, dreams and most importantly spiritual discernment, safely and without judgment.  602 more words

From under my heating blanket

Three times in the past week, I saw the streetlight outside my front window turn off. Each time, as I sat tucked under the heating blanket in my oversized chair, it struck me as something remarkable. 531 more words

To All Lightworkers by Mikael Cam

Thank you Eliza, at bluedragonjournal, for sharing his wonderful posts..wonderful energy..Love and Blessings to you

2017’s Energetic Download continues & What A Rough Start To It You know – about two days ago i was thinking that my work on here was done, and that i no longer needed to write anything else: because i felt like i had written everything i felt i was suppose to write.

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Happy New Year!

Each new year, I look at everyone making the same resolutions each year and I always feel a bit…. odd. Or maybe uncomfortable. That feeling that maybe I should make a resolution, but it no longer feels correct. 636 more words

Light Running