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I Was Set Free

Contemplating the nature of my whereabouts, the material benefits of just staying on this Island, as precious as she is, the guilt of spending money and transportation pollution to move off island, I remember something… 608 more words


It isn’t difficult to change a pattern…

… anymore that it is easy to set a new pattern in its place.

We are so used to, I often find myself, reverting to an old story… the way it used to be… when, the truth is, as we grow older the WHYs and HOW’s change… even if the dream remains the same. 212 more words


God, in this moment

I’ve been searching a lot the last few years. On a journey of trying to figure things out, grow closer to The Divine, and cultivate a lasting peace with in me. 939 more words

My Thoughts

Apple Says Minor Screen Burn-In and Shifts in Color When Looking at iPhone X Off-Angle Are Normal

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

According to Apple, when you look at an OLED display from a side angle, you may see shifts in color and hue, something that’s a “characteristic of OLED” and “normal behavior.” 562 more words


Working in shifts increases your chances of being obese

Workers who perform their duties in variable shifts have a greater risk of having metabolic problems, such as obesity and abdominal adiposity, than those who have a fixed shift. 273 more words


Seen A Friend

Friday night me and my friend took her two little ones and my 4 to the trunk or treat at Little Bitty’s school. We were leaving and a guy called my name. 678 more words


150 | Here I Am

I am going to start writing again. It’s been 5 months. A busy 5 months. We moved suddenly this summer. I have six kids in school this year. 1,128 more words