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Fashion Democracy

With fashion week officially wrapping up tomorrow, plenty has been said and done. From the runways of New York, to the front-rows of London. Moving on to the streets of Milan, and finally ending on the catwalks of Paris, a lot of eyebrows-raising events have occurred. 842 more words


Hello again

Hi everyone

So sorry for the long period of silence. Been adjusting to my new job and don’t have internet access at home so I had to wait for the opportunity of free time at work. 137 more words


will work for peace

spending time with friends who see you for who you are, even when you try not to show yourself, is so important. these important members of your tribe will always present a mirror for you to reflect on your thoughts and actions…and most importantly, your speech. 246 more words


Is it possible to spend too long on an etude?

My teacher and I were discussing this, after I realized I was making steady negative progress on an etude that I was on the verge of owning three weeks ago.  198 more words

play with curves. Ride the waves.

The beauty of –

Walking up to go to an interview that I was slightly less than enthused about but getting up, going anyway, wearing that cute blue dress I always wear, because showing up is more powerful than we think… 634 more words


Success and Failure

Success is just failing over and over again, until you succeed. ~ JP ~

Let’s face it. No one likes to fail. In fact failure in western society is looked down upon with disdain. 383 more words

Thought Process

Summer Dangers Part 2

With the most recent heat wave, I just wanted to follow up on several important things to remember to keep everyone cool and safe!

First, remember that as hot as you are walking around in your closed toe shoes, the ground is even hotter for our pups unprotected paw pads! 249 more words