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SHIFTS' HRMS Software - An affordable and useful tool for managing HR department Excellently.

SHIFTS’ Human Resources Management Software (HRMS) is an excellent package, which comprises tactical HR and workforce management elements. Being versatile in type, you can utilize it for a variety of HR tasks and reap multiple benefits. 246 more words

Human Resource Management Software

Night shift rants

For us people who work during the odd hours’, weekends’ are a curse.We are deprived of sleep and are wide awake when the rest of the continent we live in, is in deep slumber.The night brings with it not dreams filled with fantasies or mysteries, but sudden awakening and deep pondering into ones one purpose in life and the future which lay ahead, so uncertain. 299 more words

If I Am So Happy, Why Do I Feel So Crappy this Morning?

I cannot remember when I felt so nauseous so quickly…but it does help to know why I feel this way.  I have been going through a major energy shift, all for the good.   420 more words

Loving Heart

My heart beats love and only love. For me, for my partner, for my family, for my earth, for all of life. My heart beats for the love of life itself. 464 more words


Clinton Shifts Message as She Eyes Congressional Takeover (NOT GOOD!!!)



Should Democrats use Donald Trump against other Republicans or use other Republicans against Trump?

That question is dividing Democrats this year, as Hillary Clinton’s campaign has sought to drive a wedge between Trump as the GOP standard bearer at the same time Democrats in down ballot races have been more interested in chaining the unpopular Trump to their Republican opponents. 825 more words

Daily News

Fractional Bits (Part III)

A long time ago, we discussed the problem of using fractions of bits to encode, jointly, values without wasting much bits. But we considered then only special cases, but what if we need to shift precisely by, say, … 297 more words


Why use SHIFTS’s Most Intuitive and Automated Workforce Management Solution?

The staff is the most valuable asset of your organization and it needs to be organized and maintained the right way at all times. The modern time is crucial and it is not possible to keep track of every single employee in an organization perfectly at all times. 229 more words