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History of the Diary

Stop me if I’ve already written about this.

First grade: my teacher had us do a daily “journal” entry. I always drew pictures with mine. Then I got in trouble for drawing and writing on both the left and right side, and so I started drawing on the left side and writing on the right side. 503 more words


Why EarthBound is Freaking Awesome: Part Two ~ The Concept

Let me begin by apologizing. I promised I would write Part Two the night after I published Part One, but, well, personal stuff got in the way, so I’m sorry this one’s coming to you guys late. 899 more words


Why EarthBound is Freaking Awesome: Part One

EarthBound, otherwise known as Mother 2 in Japan, is a classic RPG made for the SNES back in 1994. Due to a plethora of mostly unknown reasons, it sort of became taboo for Nintendo to really affiliate themselves with this game. 980 more words


Journaling, Part 2

“Part 1” is the entry about Hobonichi Techo obsession.

My more modern version of journaling began in 2009 or so when I saw that a friend recorded basic events that happened during her day  on her wall calendar. 669 more words


Hobonichi Techo Obsession

“Hobonichi” is Japanese for “almost every day.”

“Techou” is the Japanese word for “diary.” The characters literally read “hand book,” but since the English word “handbook” refers to a guide or instructions, it’s better to translate it a “diary.” 720 more words


Mother 3 To Be Re-Released On The Nintendo Wii U...But Only In Japan

The latest Nintendo Direct presentation aired online today and, as usual, announced some new additions to the video game world that have brought many gamers worldwide to tears…or close to it. 279 more words


GEEKY SHIT: Mother (EarthBound) series figures by Banpresto

My house is something of a shrine to the Mother series of videogames. I have fan art, figures, plushies and various official and unofficial publications all dedicated to this disarmingly strange series. 479 more words