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Mother 3 Chapter 2: Thief Adventure

The mysterious group which has tinkered with forest animals as if they were toys has set its sights on the hearts and minds of the townspeople…

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Mother 3 (GBA) (2006/2008)

Mother 3 (2006/2008)

It’s one of the most natural and dangerous human instincts we possess: we all want what we can’t have. And we PAL gamers ought to know this – after all, how else was I going to react to the news that Super Noah’s Ark 3D and Mahjong 64 wouldn’t be making it to Dublin? 1,394 more words

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Mother (aka Earthbound) Series

The Mother series has always sounded likes something that would be right up my alley: An RPG with an irreverent science fiction-post modern flavour, all captured through the eyes of a little kid protagonist. 427 more words


MOTHER 3, A Literary Video Game

MOTHER 3 tells a story most would not expect a videogame to tell. Written by Shigesato Itoi, an essayist, slogan maker, copyeditor, voice actor, famed blogger, short fiction collaborator ( 2,297 more words


GEEKY SHIT: Hobonichi "Techo" Planner

You’ve reached 2015! Congratulations! But what now? Now… we plan.

My favourite way to simultaneously look to joys ahead and reflect on days passed is to scribble and draw my way through a notebook. 500 more words