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Backyard Shiitake Mushroom Farming

Mushrooms! They are such fantastical life forms, evoking thoughts of fairies and fairy rings with deeply entrenched folklore. Or smurfs.

I will do you all a favour and avoid punny reference to “fun guys” but once you try your hand at growing them, you may find that they are quite the little charmers! 1,716 more words

Exotic Mushroom Risotto

A mushroom risotto can be taken in many different ways, depending on what kind of mushrooms you have and whether they are introduced at the very beginning of cooking or just added at the end. 418 more words


White Miso Spinach Soup

Here’s the thing with Japanese food: we all think its delicious, but most of us tend to associate it only with sushi takeout joints. The problem seems to be that when it comes to cooking it, we don’t really know where to start. 554 more words


LET'S COOK IT: Crazy good summer pea pesto risotto with shiitake

What after all of these years of cooking still fascinates me the most is the ephemeral nature of summer ingredients: peaches, apricots, peas, snow peas, broad beans, sprouting broccoli, cherries, the best, most plump and fleshy tomatoes… It’s summer in Portugal and all of a sudden the markets and vegetable shops are brimming with it and before you know it, it’ll be gone again. 1,105 more words


Shiitake Mushroom Wraps - Wraps Champignon Shiitake

It’s time to load up on shiitake shrooms and their wonderful nutrients! Per 100g, you get: Vitamin B6 (15%), fibers (10%), potassium (8%), magnesium (5%), proteins (4%), vitamin D (4%) and iron (2%). 291 more words

Main Meals / Repas

Rice cakes with vegetables and shiitake mushrooms

I’m totally fond of Oriental cuisine, particularly Chinese and Japanese ones. I’m celiac so I cannot always eat in this kind of restaurants, therefore I try to prepare at home these kind of dishes … trying and trying again, I prepare recipes that I like very much! 257 more words


Gnocchi di riso con verdure e funghi shiitake

Io vado matta per la cucina orientale, in particolare quella cinese e giapponese. Essendo celiaca non sempre posso mangiare nei ristoranti di questo genere e perciò cerco di riprodurre a casa i piatti che più mi piacciono… prova, riprova e modifica alla fine escono dei piatti che a me piacciono molto!  279 more words