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Shikoku Chapter 4 – Mt. Ishizuchi 3rd take

The sound of sizzling vegetables reverberated through the thin walls of Fumito’s family home, as the smells of a pre-dawn morning wafted towards my blocked nose. 926 more words


Shikoku Chapter 3 – Mt. Ishizuchi rematch

The Ishizuchi ropeway is definitely past its prime. Rust and weeds threaten to take over the entire collection of run-down souvenir shops and the gondola structure itself. 1,389 more words


Shikoku Chapter 2 - Mt. Ishizuchi

The lights came on around 4am, rousing the passengers of the packed bus bound for Matsuyama. We were still 30km from the city, but all of the commotion was for one lone passenger, yours truly, who wanted to be let off at a desolate bus stop in the middle of the expressway. 1,329 more words


Shikoku Chapter 1 - Mt. Tsurugi

With the heat of August behind me, I descend into the depths of Shikoku Island to explore the peaks towering over secluded Iya valley. My companion this time around was… 755 more words