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Japan has an awesome river that looks just like a dragon

Body of water even has a connection to the creatures’ traditional role in Japanese mythology. 401 more words


Japanese girls combine traditional costumes with tap dancing in impressive videos

From graceful Awa Odori dance movements to routines in kimono at a New York subway, these girls are turning heads everywhere they go. 411 more words


Arriving in Japan: Part 2

After finishing lunch, my boss left us as she had other important business to attend to. Alex and I made our way back to the car, ready to depart for the final leg of the trip. 1,379 more words


New walking tours for 2018 - from the Andes to Newfoundland and the Carpathian Mountains

Walking and outdoor holiday specialist, HF Holidays have annouced five new tours.

Andes and Coast in Colombia
A tour around Colombia, stopping off at the country’s capital Bogota, the port Cartagena, and the Zona Cafetera coffee region. 435 more words


Arriving in Japan: Part 1

Just where does the time go? Now in my fifth week of living in Japan. The first month over before it even began. If the bygone month were a person I would describe her as a burly mountain woman, crashing through my house window. 907 more words


On pilgrimage

On my bucket list for many years has been the desire to do a long walking holiday, and most recently, I’ve been curious about walking a… 1,081 more words


World Canvas: The Japanese Bloom

Of all the countries we visited along our 2015 world tour, Japan must have been the most vibrant. On a cool March evening, we arrived just in time to watch winter fade from view amidst the rising tide of cherry blossoms. 17 more words