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The Invitation

At this time we are in the process of getting things formalized for inviting tour groups to come to Kagawa to experience the incredible Shikoku Pilgrimage. 528 more words

Pilgrimage In Shikoku

Haiku: Shikoku

southern temple –
a prayer is muffled
by warm rain

Written for Carpe Diem #1151 Shikoku Island


Manhole Monday: Omishima

Two years ago, my husband had a work event in Shikoku and as luck would have it, he could bring the family along. So we trekked off to Kochi, with a long winding sidetrip through Tokushima and Ehime on the way back to Kyushu. 174 more words

Uncover Japan

Field Report: Takamatsu Castle, Japan (10 July 2015)

Sometimes, it takes a bit of work to seek out the historic gems scattered across your typical Japanese metropolis, hidden as they are behind decades of unrestrained development and bland concrete modernity. 883 more words


Field Report: Ritsurin-kōen, Takamatsu, Japan (10 July 2015)

Sunny summer Shikoku skies – whew, now that’s a tongue-twister right there – gave me the perfect excuse to go on a day trip from the hustle and bustle of Ōsaka to the relative peace and calm of Takamatsu, capital of… 539 more words


Rail Report: Trainspotting my way from Ōsaka to Takamatsu, Japan (10 July 2015)

Getting there is half the fun, or so the adage goes – and this very often rings true for a railway enthusiast who undertakes a long-distance journey in the train paradise that is Japan. 792 more words