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A few days of cycling on Shikoku

After finishing our three weeks in the Zen Temple, I’m now doing a three-day cycle tour on Shikoku, my favorite Japanese island to ride. Day one was a short ride from the Yamatahama ferry to Uchiko, a ride I’ve done before. 124 more words


Four Helpful Tips For Budget Travel In Japan

It’s hard to ignore the idea of travelling to Japan. You can toss it aside, lock it up and try your best to forget about it, but eventually the thought always comes back; seeping in through the cracks, before settling back down in its rightful place on the forefront of the imagination–and really, how could it not? 1,007 more words


Pull the Plug?

My left ankle won’t bend straight up and down.  I discover this by faceplanting after trying to pick myself up off the futon.  Any attempt to force it results in burning.  997 more words

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Cape Muroto

I’m out the door shortly after 8 and Lodge Ozaki, nearly full last night, is already deserted.  I wasn’t in a real hurry to get moving this morning, the blisters on my left foot nearly did me in yesterday and I seriously considered taking today off, but if I’m going to take a day off I’d rather do it in an upcoming city like Kochi rather than out in the middle of nowhere.  1,295 more words

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To the Shore

I’m an unpleasant person this morning. After staying up until almost midnight as new people arrived at the guesthouse, three drunk assholes stormed in at 2:30 in the morning and made no effort to be stealthy about it, horsing around with each other and giggling incessantly. 2,685 more words

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Dogo Beer, Japanese Craft Beer

Enjoyed local craft beer in Dogo, Matsuyama city in Ehime Pref. There was a small restaurant which serves local dishes and craft beers! When you will be in Dogo and enjoy the hot spring, you should try and enjoy it!


Cable Car Shortcut

Knowing what a stupid bus ride it is to get back to Naka – and the 7 km hike upriver I’ve got after that just to get back on the trail – I skip the morning shower and coffee and I’m out the door at 7 am. 962 more words

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