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Where is Shimanto-cho? Is it different from Shimanto-shi?

When my wife first got her placement in Japan, I immediately looked it up on Google Maps. I cruised around the roads in street view and pictured what it would be like to walk there myself. 340 more words



Officially known as Kotohira-gū (金刀比羅宮), Konpira-san is a Shintō shrine on the top of Mt. Zozu. Dedicated to the safety of sailors and seafaring, visitors have to climb more than 785 steps to receive their blessing. 73 more words


Yashima Temple

Yashima (屋島, lit. “roof island”) is a flat topped mountain with a small lookout just outside of Takamatsu City in Shikoku. There is a small temple, the 84th of the 88 temples on the Shikoku Pilgrimage. 75 more words


Experience: Oboke Gorge Boat Cruise

I’ve taken quite a few boat rides during my time in Japan, but none of them had been in Shikoku. So during our family vacation to the smallest of Japan’s four major islands the other month, we made sure to grab a seat on one of the boats that cruised up and down the Oboke Gorge in the western part of the Iya Valley. 316 more words

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Episode 101 - Fighting Monks and Burning Mountains

This week, we’ve got our first ever interview with author and Shikoku pilgrimage survivor Paul Barach. You can find his book, Fighting Monks and Burning Mountains… 123 more words


Valley of the (creepy) dolls: Nagoro has hundreds of scarecrows but almost no people

On a recent trip to Shikoku, we heard about a small town tucked away in the Iya Valley called Nagoro. Like many small rural towns in Japan, the human population has dwindled to almost nothing in recent years. 547 more words


"Pop" daruma dolls so popular you'll have to wait three years to get one

Daruma are a kind of roly-poly wishing doll in Japanese Buddhism. You draw one eye in while making a wish, and then fill in the other when your wish comes true. 306 more words