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Shikoku Island Pilgrimage

Currently walking the 1200km Shikoku Island Pilgrimage in Japan. Here’s a photo:

James Quinton

Pilgrims in SPAIN!

Well, dear friends and neighbors, I just got back from Spain. It was, as you may already know, a very very cool place to visit. It was my first time to Spain and I have not been to Europe for many years. 399 more words

Pilgrimage In Shikoku

Kuishiyama (工石山) Easy Day Hike

Not to be confused with the nearby (and more remote) mountain of the same name (see my Oku-Kuishiyama report), Kuishiyama is a 1176.4m peak located in the mountains north of Kochi city on the border with Tosa-cho. 344 more words


Kurozawa Marshlands (黒沢湿原) and Tabinoshiri Waterfall (たびの尻滝) Easy Hike

Shikoku is famous for its beautiful mountains, steep valleys and clear rivers. Because of its terrain almost all flat space in the mountainous centre of the island has long since been spoken for. 604 more words


Japanese ad campaign shows how to stop babies crying - by slurping udon noodles

These crying babies are immediately calmed by the sound of slurping, which is said to sound similar to noises heard in the womb. 385 more words


The weird and wonderful things people leave behind on Japanese trains

Japan Rail has just released a list of the most rare and frequently lost items found on their trains, and when they’re most likely to find them 531 more words