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Field Report: Ritsurin-kōen, Takamatsu, Japan (10 July 2015)

Sunny summer Shikoku skies – whew, now that’s a tongue-twister right there – gave me the perfect excuse to go on a day trip from the hustle and bustle of Ōsaka to the relative peace and calm of Takamatsu, capital of… 539 more words


Rail Report: Trainspotting my way from Ōsaka to Takamatsu, Japan (10 July 2015)

Getting there is half the fun, or so the adage goes – and this very often rings true for a railway enthusiast who undertakes a long-distance journey in the train paradise that is Japan. 792 more words


Experience: Making wasanbon sweets

When I was in Takamatsu, Kagawa, I had the opportunity to go for a hands-on workshop in making wasanbon sweets. This is a type of higashi (Japanese dry confectionery) that is made of high quality fine sugar and shaped in wooden molds, usually depicting traditional seasonal themes. 529 more words

Tea tasting: Tenkuu no Yamacha

天空ノ山茶, literally “heavenly mountain tea”, is really heavenly.

It is produced in the deep mountains of western Tokushima, specifically Yamashiro village near Oboke. I bought it at the Oboke Roadside Station, popular for its great view of the mighty Yoshino River and the Oboke Gorge. 254 more words

6 reasons to visit Shikoku

Shikoku (lit. four islands) is the smallest of Japan’s four main islands and the least populated. It’s made up of four prefectures; Kagawa, Tokushima, Ehime and Kochi. 1,628 more words


Student Series! Temple Chasing: A Japanese Buddhist Pilgrimage

This is the map of the Shikoku Buddhist temple pilgrimage. This pilgrimage spreads across the whole island of Shikoku, it is 700 miles and there are 88 temples in the whole trip. 303 more words

Student Series!