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I'm a dirty poor, no love for me!

I know I’m in a grown up relationship because my in-laws hate me.

A tattooed, working-class, single-mom, shiksa isn’t good enough for a boy from an affluent neighbourhood? 360 more words


Mississippi Mud

Shiksa with a blade
Who protects me with her draw
That’s a fucking friend.


The Myth Of The Shiksa

In the essay, The Myth Of The Shiksa, Dr. Edwin H. Friedman, author of the acclaimed Generation to Generation (and the wonderful followup, The Failure Of Nerve), deals with Jewish intermarriage – and family reaction to it. 1,656 more words


Happy and Merry

Nothing exciting ever comes in the mail. Sometimes there are rather enticing boxes left on our doorstep (thanks to Hautelook), but nothing exciting is ever delivered to the metal box barely large enough to contain a folded edition of the New York Times. 280 more words


A truly enviable woman...

“The signature of a truly enviable woman is the tenacity and continuity of her women friends.”
―from “Shiksa Goddess: (Or, How I Spent My Forties) Essays” By Wendy Wasserstein


A shiksa chews on Shabbat dinner

Recently a friend, who’s doing a video project for grad school, asked me and Joe to film our family lighting the candles and saying the prayers for Shabbat dinner, and also to speak briefly, on film, about what the ritual means to each of us. 736 more words

You Can Quote Me...

Well as you all know I’m a die hard fan of the group “Bulletproof Stockings”.  They are performing tonight at Arlene’s Grocery for an all women audience (as they observe Kol Isha). 56 more words