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Shiloh 1996 Movie-Topics Discussed:

From my early childhood memories, I remember watching with my siblings and cousin a movie called “Shiloh,” which is about an abused beagle running away from his abusive owner and moving in with the Preston family. 299 more words

Abandoned Mansion Outside of Shiloh





Stay tuned for more images and details pending the release of Sanctuary by Deeds Publishing in March. 13 more words



New year….. same me!

Taking a small break from the little photo shoots I take. It’s cold outside and I don’t like the cold. I will however post here and there from my phone.. 10 more words

Theo & Liddy's Retirement Home in Shiloh

In Sanctuary. the opening chapters deal with Theo and Liddy’s move to Shiloh from the shadows of Atlanta. Liddy falls in love with the vacant Craftsman home. 160 more words


Happy 5th Birthday, Shiloh!

I can’t believe that our sweet Shiloh is 5 years old today.  If I had to pick one word to describe her, it would be joyful.   154 more words


2017 Goals

This past week Brittany and I have sat down to write some goals and do some planning for the new year. With 11 kids it can be really easy for some to get lost in the shuffle so we wanted to make sure every kid had a clear goal that they were working towards for the new year. 969 more words

A Resolution for 2017: Be Yourself!

I’ve seen the meme’s all over the internet. 2016 was the year from hell! I get it… a lot of bad stuff happened (mainly Trump became President) and a lot of cool people passed away. 457 more words