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Life is being lived here on Flint Way in the lovely city of Broomfield, CO. Winter has returned to its rightful place after 3 weeks of above average temperatures. 416 more words

Braxton Bragg

Who: Braxton Bragg

What: Confederate general

Where: Born Warrenton, North Carolina; died Galveston, Texas

Why: One of the principle Confederate commanders in the Western Theater… 314 more words

American Civil War

Squirrel at my Window

There’s a chubby Red Fox squirrel living by my bedroom window, where years of ivy growth burgeon from the brick wall of the neighbor’s house. I’ve caught him perching for morning breathers amid the brown and green heart shaped leaves, enough to know he’s nesting in a cavity of ivy on Flint Way. 363 more words


We just celebrated Lincoln’s 8 months on Earth with us, and I was reminded of this video taken when he was six weeks old. It was around the noon hour, his eyes were fixated on the ceiling, trance-like, and I asked Andy to get his phone out to record a possible ‘presence’ in the room, which Lincoln and I may have been sensing. 135 more words

Chapter 7.2

Welcome back to another installment of this ISBI. Last time Olive seduced anything that walked and scratched some more notches on her bedpost. Behind the scenes, the world had gone glitchy. 1,149 more words

Albert Sidney Johnston

Albert Sidney Johnston

What: General in the Confederate Army

Where: Born Washington, Kentucky; died Hardin County, Tennessee

Why: Highest ranking soldier on either side to die in the… 343 more words

American Civil War

Colorado Dreamin'

I must admit, it feels like I’m living a dream these days. Colorado is the perfect place for me to land on my first flight from home. 852 more words