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Learned call for multi pronged efforts to save Mother Nature, Is Anyone listening ?

Amidst the shrill rhetoric around saving the climate and working for a cleaner and greener world, the hard truth about India is that even as the nation observed World Environment Day, the rampant use of plastic and deteriorating climatic conditions has fast turned into an eyesore. 666 more words

Colonial Places to See in Shimla

During their stay in India, Britishers left numerous good and bad impressions on Indian culture. They did some commendable jobs which the world cherishes till date and people come here to witness them from all over the world. 325 more words


Himachal State Museum -Simla

State museum’s in India are pretty standard
and this was no different .
There is the pre-history gallery
and the anthropology gallery
followed by mannequins… 63 more words


shimla snapshots

It’s been two months since I moved to Shimla
and this place is teeming with colonial leftovers.

this post is an ode to some landmarks in Mall Road area… 37 more words


Shalli Tibba Trek : अब जंगल में जानवरों से नहीं, इंसानों से डर लगने लगा है…

रोमांच, खुशी, उत्सुकता और डर…ऊम्म्मम्म…सही क्रम है…डर, रोमांच, उत्सुकता और खुशी…ऐसा आप पूरा पढ़ने के बाद आप समझेंगे. खैर, कुछ ऐसा ही है शाली टीब्बा ट्रेक.

Shimla water crisis: How smart are we getting?

“If you love Shimla, please do not visit” is one of the viral messages in social media this season, encapsulating the water crisis in the hill city this summer. 1,162 more words

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Best Resorts in Shimla to Enjoy Emerald Surroundings

The charm and exquisiteness of Shimla has always grabbed attention of the nature lovers and honeymooners. Monsoons accentuate the beauty of the emerald surroundings, and thus most of the travelers visit this place during this season. 302 more words