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Youngistan-55 Himachal Diaries: હિમાચલ યાત્રાનો ત્રીજો અને અંતિમ પડાવ!

હિમાચલ યાત્રાનાં ત્રીજા અને આખરી પડાવમાં આપણે મનાલી, શિમલા, કુફરી અને હરિયાણાનાં પિંજોર ગાર્ડનની સફર કરીશું! ડેલહાઉસી થી મનાલી આવતાની સાથે જ બિયાસ નદીનાં પાણીની વાંછટ લાગી, સફેદ-લીલું કાચ જેવું ચોખ્ખું પાણી અને એનો ધસમસતો પ્રવાહ આપણને લાગણીનાં પુરમાં ખેંચી જાય છે! 7 more words

Israeli Woman Raped in Indian Resort Town - Manali

SHIMLA: A 25-year-old Israeli woman has allegedly been raped by two men in the popular northern Indian Himalayan resort town of Manali, senior local police officers said on Monday.The woman has told police she was attacked early Sunday morning after flagging down what she thought was a taxi and asking for a lift to a nearby town.“There were six people in the car and two of the occupants raped her she alleged,”.The woman had been trying to reunite with friends who had already left for the nearby town of Keylong after they all arrived in Manali a few days earlier.The woman was being treated in hospital after she reported the attack, which took place at about 3am, at the Manali police station later on Sunday.“She is being shifted today to a bigger hospital in Mandi town to carry out a proper medical examination,” Gandhi Ram. 157 more words



Give me ‪#‎wings‬
So that i can try, try again when i fall even harder than previous times.

Give me #wings
So that i can explore, explore all the possibilities of impossibleness. 31 more words

First Steps are Always Hard

I am sitting by the bed on the floor, watching at the blank screen of the computer. Its a windy night of prime monsoon season. I am liking everything today but there is one thing I always wanted to do since my college days. 140 more words


Sangla Valley OffBeat Tours

Sangla Valley OffBeat Tours

Sangla valley includes the steep mountain slopes and the adventure heart called Kaza falls near the place. Adventure enthusiasts prefer visiting this place because of its mesmerizing landscapes and surroundings that favors long time camping. 13 more words