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Writing status update (#32)

It’s been almost a full quarter since my last update. Some of these weeks have been productive for the sort of writing I mean when I just say “writing,” and some were productive for the technical writing classes I’ve been taking, and a small handful weren’t very productive at all. 556 more words

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Shine Cycle Character Profile: Amanda

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted something substantive, but here’s a recently-completed character profile. You can also read the others.

Amanda – Princess at large, in the King’s service in the Imperial Service. 665 more words

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Writing Status Update (#31)

It has been again not quite two months since my last update. For once, these weeks have been both productive and almost-consistently so, and not… 527 more words

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Writing Status Update (#30)

It’s been well over a month, if not quite two months yet, since my last update. And while these weeks have not been a… 544 more words

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Writing Status Update (#29)

In the month since my last update (which I combined with a civil-year-end retrospective and goal-setting post) I’ve made a little progress on the development of background material for… 276 more words

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Shine Cycle 2014 Review, 2015 Goals

As we near the end of the civil year, it’s time to look back over the year that was and forward into the new year. I did my blog retrospectives at the end of the liturgical year, before Advent, including… 1,290 more words


Shine Cycle Character Profile: Adolphus

Adolphus – Knight, bard, and Visiting Scholar. Aide-de-camp to Argentmentes, holder of the record for the longest string of yearly appearances on the Honors List, and in peacetime a minor but accomplished professional musician. 724 more words

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