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October Favorites

So I’ve been a bad blogger recently.  I’ve been working extra hours at my job, plus this is the busiest time of year for my Pampered Chef business.  527 more words


Plum Luck + Shine of the Times + Matte

We’re getting 10-15 cms of snow today. How’s that for spring? It definitely still feels like winter and I have absolutely zero desire to paint my nails anything bright or cheery, so instead I did this. 53 more words


Foxy Lady, here I come baby

When ever I look at these nails its hard not to visualize this amazing scene from Wayne’s World…

I love that movie more than words can explain. 51 more words

Essie Stylenomics & Shine of the Times

Another nail post. I have to say, I have been slightly obsessed with doing my nails and buying nail polish lately. I like to keep my nails looking polished and clean pretty much 24/7, and I file them pretty much all the time (especially if I start catching edges on clothing). 340 more words


A England 'Dragon.' GrrrRAWR!

‘Grrrrawr’ is the sound a dragon makes, in case you wondering. Not a lot of people know that. But I bet A England did, because they clearly know a lot about dragons, considering how perfectly they nailed the polish ‘Dragon.’ Seriously, check out this glimmery, holo beauty: 260 more words


Line and Shine


China Glaze – “Hook And Line”
Essie – “Shine Of The Times”

The simplest combinations can be so perfect.  I wish everything were this easy.


Nail Art

Pink again? What is wrong with me these days???

Yup, still waiting for my little stubs called finger nails to grow a little bit more…in the mean time….from the archives:

The polishes I used for this manicure were:  Nubar “Essence” , topped with Essie Luxeffects “shine of the times”, and a couple of cute fimo flowers :)

New Manicures