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New features shine in 'NBA 2K17,' but not without some issues

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

With about a month to go before the beginning of the NBA regular season, it’s the perfect time for video game basketball. 1,156 more words


Last night's dream

We stood in the drive of my childhood home

I was human form but made only of sunshine

You kissed me, I shot out and touched the far corners of the world… 76 more words


Toyota: an example of how to use Kaizen for success

Kaizen is a method widely used in many companies to improve in all areas. The translation in Japanese is “continuous improvement” and it means that you always have to be aware of how can be improved all processes and how each person in the company can contribute. 769 more words

David Kiger

​ Shining Brightly

The Presence of God within us has come to shine and bless us and to draw others to Himself. Are we drawing others to him by our actions and words? 773 more words

What gift are you?

As a daughter of an architect and a civil engineer myself I often look at houses, streets, design of cities..
Today morning the skyline of one of the new streets of Amsterdam caught my eye as me and my colleague were aproaching the venue of the class with Uber. 200 more words


Booking the corner most reclining seat, at the top of the theatre. Check.
Buying nachos with salsa and Pepsi. Check.

There I was, all set, watching a movie I wanted to watch in forever. 682 more words