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Welcome to you

A few things have been dancing across my busy little mind lately.

Most of the thinking sounds something like “am I making the most out of my life?”, “Am I doing enough? 523 more words

You Have My Permission to SHINE

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”

We were all born with an innate light… a brilliance within that was meant to be shared with the world. 471 more words

Affirmation 7/26/17

Hello, starlight. I couldn’t help, but notice how beautifully you shine. The way your light reaches deep into darkness. The way you move through the darkness, sharing your light with other people. 11 more words


Let them go.

‘I don’t like you’
‘I don’t like the way you talk’

‘I don’t like your personality’

‘You’re are loser’

‘You can’t do anything in your life’

159 more words

How Do Toys Glow in the Dark?

Remember when glow in the dark toys were all the rage as a kid? There were bouncy balls and plastic bugs and those little green stars that everybody such on their ceilings. 409 more words

Live... ALIVE

One day you wake up and feel like everything around you is a mess… You feel like all you want to do is just lay in bed and cry yourself out… Cry out loud… Shout!!! 187 more words

Heal Your Life

Broken heart?! So last season.

…Give her the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world…

In terms of relationships, it comes a time when the fairytale glaze looses its shine. 319 more words

Heal Your Life