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10. It's a wrap!

Clinging with all my might,
fearing the colors will fade from sight,
it’s a zone where I’m most at ease,
I always long for a moment of peace.
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my Shinee Ranking 2015


  1. Jonghyun
  2. Taemin
  3. Onew
  4. Key
  5. Minho


  1. Taemin
  2. Minho
  3. Key
  4. Onew
  5. Jonghyun


  1. Key
  2. Minho
  3. Jonghyun
  4. Taemin
  5. Onew


  1. Minho
  2. Taemin
  3. Onew
  4. Key
  5. Jonghyun


  1. Key
  2. Onew
  3. Taemin
  4. Minho
  5. Jonghyun

an excerpt

he needed a suitable someone.
someone who wouldn’t use conversation with him as a mere appetizer for drinks, but would open up to stories about their childhood. 94 more words


List of the Week #67 - Top Seven Best Looking Kpop Boy Group Visuals

Wow was this a hard list to write… The kpop world is full of absolutely stunning guys, many of them visuals, that just keep blowing my mind time and time again with how amazing they look. 403 more words

List Of The Week

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