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Wrapping things up here in Austin

I’ve gotten rid of almost all of my clothes now. We’ve been selling and donating all of our things in preparation for the big move. I think all of my friends and a few Goodwills now have a few items to remember me by. 417 more words


Hashtag Blessed

The semester is almost over ya’ll and I can not stress enough how much I am looking forward to that. It’s been a hell of a semester and luckily the nervous breakdown (NB) fairy has yet to make its way to my residence. 403 more words


#CartoonButt 013: "Hotdogs"

Ah, vacation.

I mean, I guess, “vacation”. I’m not really doing anything, just taking some time off. Chowing down on a leftover parmesan herb drop biscuit I made for Saturday night’s pre-Ice Bears game tailgating and jamming to… 440 more words


Serious about tacos

Growing up in Texas ruined me in a lot of ways, but mostly it decimated my bad taco tolerance. I have complained about Missouri Mexican food since my first bite of “enchilada” aka microwaved-tortilla-stuffed-with-shredded-cheese about four years ago. 719 more words


All over but the shouting


In just over 2 weeks we’ll be heading to Champaign, IL to record a full length album at Earth Analog. Allen Epley, Eric Abert, and Matt Talbot will be at the helm as producer, engineer, and “guy with a studio,” respectively.  107 more words

Oops I Did It Again

I don’t know what it is with me and spontaneous six month blog breaks, but apparently I am a fan given that this is my second. 197 more words