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The 14 Most Underrated Canned Beers

By: Dan Gentile/Thrillist

For years, canned beers were treated like the second-class citizens of the brewing world, relegated to dirty waters at the bottom of camping coolers and the cramped confines of cardboard 24-packs. 1,300 more words



The pic doesn’t show it well, but #3 got his first shiner! Thankfully it wasn’t from a fight or argument. It was an accidental collision in the swimming pool. 24 more words

Podcast: Eight songs with Vast Robot Armies

Radio Chaneque - Eight songs with Vast Robot Armies' Jason Thomson by Radiochaneque on Mixcloud

Been meaning to bring back this feature, a podcast where I go one on one with a musician and ask him to choose 8 songs that have influenced his or her life. 30 more words


Beer of the Day: 3/28/15

Shiner White Wing 4.7% ABV 15 IBU

Today’s BOTD is a smooth Belgian White from deep in the heart of Texas (go figure). The Shiner White Wing is not as sweet as other Belgian Whites, but is still able to incorporate a subtle citrus sweetness, infused by orange peel used in the brewing process. 233 more words


Road Food- The Shiner Catholic Church Picnic

I love living in Texas. I have had the pleasure of going all over the country and halfway around the world, but I always come back to the Lone Star State. 837 more words


SHINER opens in Reno at Good Luck Macbeth

I’m driving through the high desert in northern Nevada. The sky is overcast, dark clouds roll down the sierras, rain drops thump the wind shield… If it weren’t for casinos dotting 395, I might think I’m in the pacific northwest and that makes me happy. 300 more words


Sunday Sippin

Lazy Sundays are my favorite and lately they are focused around¬†drinking as well as lazy. Yesterday I tried something new; Shiner Prickly Pear. I’ve been a fan of… 128 more words