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“I go look at myself in the mirror every few hours”, she said. The bruise around her left eye was shining. “May be I’m weak, very weak, but I don’t know what else to do, who else to go to…. 2,011 more words

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Holiday From My Dreams

A little while back, I reviewed Shiner by Australian indie-roots outfit Sean McMahon & the Moonmen (MGM).  A new video has been released of a track from this impressive release, ‘Holiday From My Dreams’: 63 more words

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A Rebel without a cause... Semiramis

I would like to propose a Radical Idea. What if… “The Rebel” as referenced in the Bible was not a man but a woman? What if it was a daughter of Cush, which rebelled against YHWH and the norms of society? 1,243 more words


The learning curve of life

I have been busy. I have been learning some remedial lessons from the Ye Olde School of Life. And they have been hard lessons. For those of you that follow along on Twitter and Facebook, you will be aware that one of those lessons was “Don’t use your face as a brake on asphalt.” Hour 4 … 267 more words


5 Things I Learned About Texas

Telegram Location: Shiner, TX

Welcome to Shiner – located in the heart of Texas.

Population: approximately 2,000 people.

Location: 75 miles from San Antonio, Houston and Austin. 891 more words


First blog post

Something About Turquoise is the start of my journey to owning my event/destination planning business. Something About Turquoise comes from my love of turquoise, and the fact I live and want to open my business in San Antonio, TX. 156 more words

Shiner Doc

There was that time that I gave the Best Man a black eye. But I get ahead of myself.

When people think about Michigan, top of mind is cars and cold. 1,692 more words