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Pantulan tanya

detective_conan_752_13, Aoyama Gosho

detective_conan_752_14, Aoyama Gosho

-Detective Conan Chapter 752.

Tidak bisakah tatapan itu kau ubah saja jadi kata.
Agar mataku tidak perlu memantulkan tanya. 52 more words

My Life

[SRTP] Shinichi//Conan/Ran Pixiv Compilation 7 [megro]

10 of October? And wow, I had everything from this batch translated, except for P13 %)

Actually, I didn’t forget about anything, so everything is okay uwu… 965 more words

(RQ) Huge ShinRan Twitter Compilation [Tae]

I did it, finally, I did it, yay ^^ It might’ve been kind of hard, but I did it =) Dear anon, I’ll open anon messages soon ^_^ 842 more words

[SRTP] Shinichi/Ran Pixiv Compilation [watanoya]



  • S: Geez… You’re the one who’s pushing yourself… Ran.


  • R: Shinichi <3
  • S: You’re late…
  • (Cute… Hey, was she scounted again?
  • 389 more words

[SRTP+] Shinichi/Ran - A Question and an Answer

Again long one-paged one!



  • S: Ah?
  • R: Shinichi is…
  • […more than anyone in this world…]
  • S: Okay…
  • S: Ran, you can ask anything you want to ask.
  • 25 more words

[SRTP+] Shinichi/Ran - Shiritori

TN: Shiritori is a game where you should find a word starting with a previous word’s ending. If your word if ended with ’n’, you lose.  91 more words

[SRTP] Conan/Ran - Shinichi’s Jersey

I did second part as a twitter RQ but it’s nice to have a stable pixiv link :) First part is fresh and new!

[ 870 more words