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In The Future [Oneshoot]

“Mencintaimu saat ini dan masa yang akan datang.” 1,295 more words

Ran Mouri

Detective Conan episode 1

Episode 1

This episode tells how Shinichi Kudo was known as a very skilled detective who can easily solve cases. He helps the police to cases specificly officer Megure. 31 more words


Mesin Waktu

Mesin waktu, dalam pengertian ilmiahnya bisa dicari di Google. Mesin waktu yang akan saya bahas kali ini adalah mesin waktu yang hanya bisa bekerja di dalam diri kita, di dalam pikiran kita akan masa lalu, dan semua itu ada dalam bentuk kenangan. 343 more words


Sketching My Favorite Manga Character - Conan Edogawa [EF#14]


I believe some of you have already known about English Blogging Club weekly challenges which being held every Friday. This month’s theme is quite interesting because it related to something close to our childhood life. 1,262 more words

English Friday

[EF#14] Cartoon Character and How It Affect to Us

I remember when I was younger, every Sunday I would had myself sat in front of the TV and watch all of cartoon movies. Last Sunday, when I was trying to find cartoon movies, I found only a few of them, the rest were music programs, gossip news and another else that could not attract my interest. 708 more words


"Detective Conan" Vakum Untuk Sementara Waktu

Tampaknya para penggemar manga “Meitantei Conan” (Detective Conan) perlu sedikit lebih bersabar untuk menikmati edisi terbarunya. Pasalnya, sang kreatornya Gosho Aoyama harus tetap diopname di rumah sakit pasca menjalani operasi. 122 more words


[Remember Me] SUMMARY


Author: JenJen

Disclaimer: các nhân vật đều thuộc quyền sở hữu của ngài Gosho Aoyama

Pairing: Shinichi Kudo and Shiho Miyano

Rating: K+

Shinichi đang cảm thấy rất lạ, vô cùng lạ… 513 more words