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Death Note Manga

What’s up guys?!

I imagine all manga or anime lovers have heard about this incredible manga, actually, Death Note will make you think about the value of life, it’s a deep manga, but you wont find it boring. 70 more words


Pictures on Skin


In a world where life experiences mark people rather more literally, Light has some unfortunate truths drawn on his skin – not that anyone notices.

2,998 more words



These are the only two things certain in life. You are born, and you will die.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter Text

There is darkness, and there is light.

2,486 more words

Eskimo {Kisses Collection}

An Eskimo Kiss…

“It’s just too freakin’ cold!”

The comment was met with laughter from the younger of the two, as the girl promptly lost all reserve she had had up to that point. 126 more words



It had started out as a whim, true enough, but it had never been just a fleeting desire to know who this girl was. His king had asked him to take her especially, to reap her soul when her time had come, and that warranted raised eyebrows and investigation no matter the circumstances. 666 more words


Sketches: Ryuk (Death Note)

If there’s one thing I’ve seriously neglected over the past years, it’s art. It’s a shame because it was my favourite subject and I promised myself that I’d keep it up as a hobby if I didn’t study it further. 184 more words


Mia The Shinigami

After reading 617 chapters Bleach Manga…. “Mia The Shinigami” 😅😅😅

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