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Hidden Desire: Death Note

Death Note is Japanese manga turned Anime, and I think one of with the most unique plots. I watched this first during college on a DVD (how old school, right?), and re-watched it just recently. 1,024 more words


Okay more Death Note talk and the last blog for the day.

Okay Misa meet Light and Light say he will act like Misa boyfriend and Misa say she try to make Light love her. They also touch each other Death Notes or part of them so they can see each other Shinigamis’ 138 more words


Books 3 & 4: Death Note (vols 1-4) story by Tsugumi Ohba, art by Takeshi Obata

This book review starts with a bit of rant about graphic novel and comics, apologies in advance!

I watch The Big Bang Theory and I have always thought that it would be fun to have a comic book / graphic novel collection, especially with so many movies being made based on these stories now. 712 more words

Fluffy Bunny

Okay so this is kind of a rant. I was on a wiccan/pagan page recently where someone called someone a “fluffy bunny” for worshiping a known deity. 398 more words


Death Note Notebook

Bring justice to the world with your own copy of the Death Note. Warning: you might see a Shinigami upon receiving ownership of this notebook. You have been warned.

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Death Note Fan art: Gelus in the Shinigami Realm

Gelus fell in love with Misa Amane and died to save her life. He died because shinigami/ gods of death are supposed to kill humans, not protect them. 6 more words