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Death, Noted

The upcoming Netflix-created Death Note film has been whitewashed so thoroughly, Tom Sawyer must have told Netflix how to do it.

I thought about posting another author rant about this one, (another meaning, pursuant to the Ghost in the Shell fiasco) but then figured…this might be better. 582 more words


It’s another Bleachy day here in Los Angeles (no I do not live in California). So I am here to give you the new scoop in this monthly Bleach Wednesday. 156 more words


The Chibi Demon - Ichigo Kurosaki

When it comes to Ichigo Kurosaki, he’s known for some awesome looks and forms which compliments all of moves. With this specific one, we see a chibi version of Ichigo alongside his Full Hollow form, as well as including his latest form alongside both swords within this form. 63 more words

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Cosplay: Yachiru Retsu Unohana

Retsu Unohana, once known as Yachiru Unohana, was one of the most diabolical criminals to ever exist within Soul Society, but joined Yamamoto and became one of the founding members of the Gotei 13. 111 more words


Shinigami world

Do you deserve to live or to die? A question often repeated in my mind while watching one of the best anime ever – Death Note. 1,675 more words

Anime Review

It is that time of the month and on Wednesday so here comes another Bleach Wednesday. In my last blog post I left off on the first episode. 344 more words


The Dying Captain - Jushiro Ukitake

Jushiro Ukitake, the previous captain of the 13th Division was known as a respected and honorable person who treats those around him with respect. He also manages to find ways to help those around him, even when he knows he has to break rules, he shall help anyone from his own underling to those he wants to dearly protect. 50 more words

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