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Refurbished Katana

I originally built this sword in 2007 for my Kurosaki Isshin (Bleach) cosplay. I realize that it isn’t the most accurate recreation of Isshin’s zanpakuto, but in my defense I had access to only one or two reference pictures of Isshin in shinigami form. 417 more words


Seasonal Anime Attempt: Kyoukai no Rinne First Impression

From the creator of InuYasha, comes Kyoukai no Rinne. Let’s hope it isn’t as disappointing as InuYasha. 510 more words


Death Note- Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that there are probably a million different avenues I could explore about the intricacies of Death Note, I think I’m going to wrap up my posts about it with this last foray into the show. 544 more words

Kyoukai no Rinne Anime

Kyoukai no Rinne Episode 1

One of the new anime this Spring 2015.

Our protagonist Rokudou Rinne a “Shinigami or something like that” he said. ” LOL. 99 more words

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Weekly Shonen (4/3/15)

One Piece

Chapters 782

The Charisma of Evil

Luffy and Doflamingo begin their battle using Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki. They both manage to land hits on one another, injuring each other. 331 more words

Anime And Manga

Death Note Manga

What’s up guys?!

I imagine all manga or anime lovers have heard about this incredible manga, actually, Death Note will make you think about the value of life, it’s a deep manga, but you wont find it boring. 70 more words


Pictures on Skin


In a world where life experiences mark people rather more literally, Light has some unfortunate truths drawn on his skin – not that anyone notices.

2,998 more words