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"Get Your Own Shampoo!"

“Mordecai…? Why are you in my bathroom?”

“Hey, Night… There is a perfectly logical explanation for what’s going on here, I swear to you.”

“There had better be… Wait, is that my shampoo?” 243 more words


Weekly Shonen (07/15/15)

One Piece

Chapter 794

Sabo’s Adventure

At Kyros house, Sabo plans on leaving as CP zero is heading towards Dressrosa. He tell’s the Strawhats that they should leave as Dressrosa will become hectic in a few days. 547 more words

Anime And Manga

Let go of Ryuk... (your imaginary friend)

(Btw – the image – Ryuk –  fictional character in the manga series Death Note, a bored Shinigami (death god) that drops a Death Note, a notebook that allows you to kill anyone simply by knowing their name and face…) 664 more words


Weekly Shonen (7/2/15)


Chapter 633

Friend 3

Yhwach tells Jugram Haschwalth that he’s his “other half”. Haschwalth says that he doesn’t understand, “what he is?” Yhwach says that he “doesn’t need to understand” and that he will “stay at his side and become an integral member of the sternritter. 666 more words

Anime And Manga

Ballad of a Shinigami 

Manga ~ 7.5/10

This is… Just depressing yet uplifting. (What?!)

Best: It’s a nice short series that is complied of several short stories that interlock. It’s pretty deep. 132 more words

shinigami (死神): a kyrielle

bred in his jaw, sickness sinks in.
fertile in its tar, slick fangs win.
drenched in him like wet paper.
spat from his almighty vapour. 67 more words