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In The Dark - Yoruichi Shihoin

Yoruichi Shihoin, the cat that can speak and the ninja that can defeat other shadows. Yoruichi is awesome, whenever she first got introduced, she was known to as nothing but a cat, she helped both Urahara and Ichigo throughout his process to master his Inner Hollow. 79 more words

Featured Anime Art

"Dead Men Give No Warmth."

“Hey, hey, what’s all this? Who got my girl to cry, huh?”

“It’s not important.”

Liar. It’s you! You’re always important!”


“Oh, wow, you are low… C’mere. 197 more words


"When Was The Last Time...?"

“Tell me, darling, when was the last time you cried?”

“Since when do you call me darling?”

“Don’t change the subject.”

“No, but seriously, Night, you don’t ever-” 133 more words


Weekly Shonen (10/22/15)

One Piece

Chapter 804

Adventure in the Country on the back of an Elephant

Raizou the ninja falls from the sky, knocking Kinemon and Kanjuro off of Ryuunosuke. 541 more words

Anime And Manga

Weekly Shonen (10/16/15)


Chapter 647

The Theater Suicide

This chapter was mostly written to step up the fight between Gerard Valkyrie and Renji. Most importantly we are finally going to see the elusive Bankai of Captain Commander Shunsui. 297 more words

Anime And Manga

Death Note Film Coming up?

Have you heard of the manga Death Note? Which was later release on an Anime about a high school student that has a possession of a note book from a… 328 more words

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"You're Her Sidekick-in-Crime."


“Why are you staring at me, Madam? I know I’m attractive, but, well, this seems a little excessive.”

“I’m thinking.”

“Dangerous past-time, that.”

“Don’t sass me.” 131 more words