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Death Note


Death Note has a simple yet amazing premise: Light Yagami, a brilliant Japanese student, finds a notebook capable of killing anyone whose name is written in it. 213 more words


Anime Challenge Day 22 - Favourite weapon, gear or armor used in an anime

Can I pick another character for this one, too?



Soul Eater has come up with one of the greatest ideas when it comes to weapons. 123 more words


Review: Death Note (Vol. 1) - Boredom

Death Note, Volume 1 – Boredom
Story by Tsugumi Ohba | Art by Takeshi Obata

As much as I love to read, manga was a complete unknown to me before… 377 more words


How "Death Note " Should have been ended if it was Nalaik instead of Light

Ever since i got free from studies, im enjoying time. Enjoying my vacations¬†without any worries that my school, College or uni will start again. So i started watching Anime like ” Code Geas ” and ” Death Note ” . 565 more words


Lisara Listall Pretty Shinigami

Lisara Restall, the Pretty Shinigami. She is the main character of anime Dakara Boku wa Ecchi ga Dekinai. Shinigami means Grim Reaper in Japanese. Its hard to find reference of her on the internet so I just get her anatomy and create my own version of her suit based on the anime. 55 more words

Vector Arts

"Get Your Own Shampoo!"

“Mordecai…? Why are you in my bathroom?”

“Hey, Night… There is a perfectly logical explanation for what’s going on here, I swear to you.”

“There had better be… Wait, is that my shampoo?” 243 more words


Weekly Shonen (07/15/15)

One Piece

Chapter 794

Sabo’s Adventure

At Kyros house, Sabo plans on leaving as CP zero is heading towards Dressrosa. He tell’s the Strawhats that they should leave as¬†Dressrosa will become hectic in a few days. 547 more words

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