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'Dear Tite Kubo-sensei' : Fan Letters to the Man Behind Bleach

Bleach is over.

Again, everyone let’s say it all together, “Bleach is over.”

I’m guilty of not following the manga series after the Aizen’s defeat so when I heard that the last arc and chapter was out, I went ahead to binge-read the manga and set aside all the other anime on my list just to finish the entire thing. 218 more words


Game of Foam pt 2: Suzumebachi

So in October last year I presented my first attempt at Cosplay armour using foam. It’s been a while since then, and the armour got left to one side for quite some time because I had other projects that I needed to work on. 567 more words


Give Me the Shinigami Eyes

“Give me your eyes for just one second, give me your eyes so I can see everything that I keep missing. Give me your love for humanity.

1,421 more words



Story of a teenage boy Kurosaki Ichigo who apparently can see and sometimes talk to the dead. He do not know the actual reasons himself about how or why he can see the souls but people have no idea to his insane looking behavior.

210 more words
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Death Note - Judgement

(I know it’s not Sunday today – I’m traveling at the moment and WiFi can be quite sparse here. I also have less time to write content that I’m happy with, so I apologise for any delays in the coming weeks). 369 more words

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