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Black and White - Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki in the latest Bleach chapter was able to forcefully transform into a brand new form which mixes all of his abilities and powers of Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy and Human all into one which will soon show the true extent of his power. 112 more words

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Rinne Episode 31


It’s time for the younger Shinigami to go out into the world and earn points by guiding spirits. Rokudo’s house guest is a spoiled brat with little to soften his less endearing qualities that just wants to get his points and leave. 76 more words



Folloing on from RIN-NE COLLECTION 1 comes RIN-NE COLLECTION 2!

Sakura Mamiya’s life was odd long before she started helping her fellow student and half-Shinigami Rinne Rokudo assist lost souls in reaching the land of the dead. 155 more words


The Shinigami

I hear waves crash beyond my sight. The clouds briefly hide the moonlight darkening my view. I turn toward the luau.

The flickering firelight dances with shadows and illuminates the feast. 96 more words

Word/Concept/Phrase Prompt

Weekly Shonen (4/16/16)

One Piece 

Chapter 823

A World Abuzz

The world of One Piece is “abuzz,” due to the meeting of royalties from over 50 different countries. The plan is to discuss global affairs and the future of the world. 432 more words

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Alphabet Soul, F (Ichigo)

F is for…
Fail – Ichigo Kurosaki

Midori stared at the gaping strawberry that sat next to her. Class had long ended, but the normal group was still there loitering around. 125 more words


Death Note: Omega Edition Blu-ray Review

Despite its flaws, “Death Note” remains one of the best anime series. 748 more words

Blu-Ray Review