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The Shinigami

I hear waves crash beyond my sight. The clouds briefly hide the moonlight darkening my view. I turn toward the luau.

The flickering firelight dances with shadows and illuminates the feast. 96 more words

Micro Fiction

Weekly Shonen (4/16/16)

One Piece 

Chapter 823

A World Abuzz

The world of One Piece is “abuzz,” due to the meeting of royalties from over 50 different countries. The plan is to discuss global affairs and the future of the world. 432 more words

Anime And Manga

Alphabet Soul, F (Ichigo)

F is for…
Fail – Ichigo Kurosaki

Midori stared at the gaping strawberry that sat next to her. Class had long ended, but the normal group was still there loitering around. 125 more words


Death Note: Omega Edition Blu-ray Review

Despite its flaws, “Death Note” remains one of the best anime series. 748 more words

Blu-Ray Review

Weekly Shonen (02/25/16)

Fairy Tail

Chapter 474

In the moment of complete silence

Natsu rests, as Warren updates the Fairy Tail members of the events of the battle field. 862 more words

Anime And Manga

Agent of the Shinigami

  • Episode 1 – 20
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Category: Anime, Bleach


This is the very first arc of the anime Bleach. Here we meet Ichigo Kurosaki, a 15 year old high-schooler who can see and communicate with ghosts. 368 more words


"It's spelled s-t-u-p-i-d."

“You know, I have to wonder what she sees in you. I mean, lookit you. You’re a shady string-bean with too much ‘tude.”

“I like to think I have just enough ‘ 142 more words