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Random Ramblings Vol.16 : The wasted potential of Shining Blade

We’ve all been let done by a company we love before in gaming. A lot of games didn’t deliver on the hype they promised. It’s natural, marketing is built on raising the work of others a notch higher than it is to reel crowds. 2,896 more words

Random Ramblings

Throwback Thursday: Aurora's Remains

To be divine is to realize that we are all one. That the self is an illusion. Through this do you understand your own immortality. Through this are you freed from the illusions of the flesh.

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Shining Blade Xiao Mei & Rinrin Ani Statue by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya have started pre orders for ‘Xiao Mei’ and her faithful feline Rinrin (Linlin) from Shining Blade. The PVC statue stands at about 19 cm tall and will set you back by about ¥9000 a piece, Kotobukiya will not start shipping this statue until January 2015.