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1. Un Flic (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1972)

2. An Inn at Osaka ‘大阪の宿’ (Heinosuke Gosho, 1954)

  • Deeply sad and melancholic of the disappointment in the post-war Japan, Osaka is the portal for the macroscopic view of the social structure where unemployment and poverty are a norm among the lower class, while the inn is the site for microscopic scrutiny on human relationship and indifference.
  • 458 more words

Sailor Suit and Machine Gun: ''The body shudders, mixed with fear of death. It was such a sensation. Such a fine line between death and feeling. Understand?''

Directed by Shinji Sōmai
Produced by Kei Ijichi
Written by Jirō Akagawa andYōzō Tanaka
Cast: Hiroko Yakushimaru, Tsunehiko Watase, Akira Emoto,Yuki Kazamatsuri,Rentarō Mikuni,Masaaki Daimon,Ken Mitsuishi,Toshiya Sakai,Kazuo Kitamura,Kamatari Fujiwara,Yôsuke Saitô and Makoto Satō 453 more words

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