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Shinjuku Station Ticket, Tokyo, Japan

Not all those who wander are lost.


Ok I admit it.  I was…LOST (Three times in two days)

I held on to my ticket as my own special award.

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Yet More Misadventures at Shinjuku Station

November 1991

Looking back, I think Shinjuku Station was my nemesis.

Can a station be your nemesis?

Well today has been a much better day. We found the right line quite easily but then there was a bit of fumbling as we tried to buy our tickets, We couldn’t find a  machine.

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Lost (or Yet More Fun at Shinjuku Station)

If you are anything like me, expect to spend a fair proportion of your travels

Still I have perfected a technique over my many miles of travel, which seems to work pretty well. 104 more words


Fun at Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station-November 1991

I went to find somewhere for us to buy a ticket and left my friend guarding the rucksacks etc(Side note Lonely Planet had actually stated that you could probably leave an expensive camera lying around in the middle of Tokyo at that time and it would not be touched.

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