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Public reacts in horror as poster in Shinjuku Station threatens even more exits

“East exit, West exit, South exit, new South exit…The number of exits is the number of possibilities.”

They might seem like uplifting words at first glance, but panic erupted in Tokyo this week as the above poster was hung in… 424 more words


The Tokyo Underground: Preparatory Notes

Below is an excerpt from my Project Proposal back in March 2014. The intended project was to be a site-specific piece of art using the Tokyo Underground for the location. 401 more words


Wall of bubble-wrap Blue Slimes appears in Shinjuku Station to promote new Dragon Quest game

Nothing says Dragon Quest like its adorable mascot, the smiling, teardrop-shaped slime. With appearances in almost every Dragon Quest title, a slew of associated merchandise, and even its own video game, the series’s blue slime is instantly recognizable to many fans around the world. 388 more words


Tokyo - Shinjuku

The Yamanote Line took us from Tokyo Station to the sky scrapper district – Shinjuku. This train station is the busiest in the world with over two million passengers daily. 315 more words


Is your Psycho-Pass clear? The Sybil System judges your Psycho-Pass in Shinjuku Station

http://images.sgcafe.net/2015/01/pychopassscan.jpg Looks like the Sybil System from Psycho-Pass has already taken over Shinjuku Station, as several Sybil System “scanners” have been found in the area and will scan the “Crime Coefficients” of several individuals. 11 more words

Stray away in Shinjuku

I stayed at a hotel in Yotuya Tokyo last weekend. I’m poor at the area including Shinjuku. I tried to walk to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Towers from the hotel with my wife and son. 262 more words


Japan: Koganei City (Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum)

Have you ever wondered what Tokyo would have looked like today if not for the random acts of nature such as earthquakes and floods and acts of man such as fires, air raids and city redevelopment? 378 more words