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[Her Love in the Force] Ayumu Shinonome~ Tethered Hearts (Sequel)

So that’s HLITF all wrapped up!! Ooooh I wonder what app I’ll crack open next!!

♥ Happy Ending

Episode 1

  • “It’s a secret.”
  • “What’s wrong with that?”
  • 48 more words

[Her Love in the Force] Ayumu Shinonome~ MS2: Falling in Love

♥ Happy Ending

Episode 1

  • “I’ll do my best then!”
  • “S-Seventy percent…?”

Episode 2

  • “…I still need you.”
  • “I’ll stay then.”

Episode 3


[Her Love in the Force] Ayumu Shinonome~ MS1: Meeting Him

Mister Mean Mushroom Head. Took me a while to get the Happy Ending for his first story, but I got there eventually. Playing through his routes again made me reconsider, yes he’s still a dick, but I like him a little more than before. 83 more words


Nearly finished!

So I’m nearly done with Her Love In The Force! Aww, it’s been a fun run guys and to be honest, even with some of the stories feeling a little lacking, it’s my favourite app by Voltage so far. 232 more words


World of Warships - Interesting Ships on Russian Player Sig

Hello everyone,

Thanks as per usual to Babykim for sharing this. He found a Russian player with a very interesting signature containing some ships that some of you might never heard off. 94 more words


Ame - Rain

Today, it rained. There was only a little bit of it, but it rained. When it rains, there are clouds, and I just happen to love both rain and overcast skies. 234 more words