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Oh My... gods?

Growing up I just sort of assumed that all religions believed in only one god. I think it’s because it was all that I was exposed to, I mean Christians only have one god. 818 more words


Spotlight: Nikko

After returning to Japan, we immediately left Tokyo and headed north. Our first destination on this route was the city of Nikko. Comfortably small with a population less than a hundred thousand, the township is known for its natural elegance; nestled placidly among the Nikko Renzan mountains. 348 more words


The main religions of Japan - a quick guide

There are, in my opinion, four main groups of religions in Japan. I will go through each below.

Shintoism is what can be considered the indigenous religion of Japan. 357 more words


Outline of Shinto

This post on the Japanese religion gives the basics. Good for a quick review. At the end of this post, please see a Christian reaction. 956 more words

World Religions

EM: Thoughts on Bakemonogatari (Hitagi Crab)

Thoughts on Bakemonogatari (Hitagi Crab)

With the second season of Owarimonogatari on its way, I’ll be rewatching the Monogatari series so far and giving my thoughts arc by arc. 3,097 more words


Japanese Temples and Shrines

It’s impossible to remain indifferent to the Japanese culture. Wherever you’re from, you cannot use what you know from your background to understand why this culture is the way it is – you must forget all your past experiences and set foot in the country with fresh eyes, and experience Japan as it is: a remarkable, beautiful country with amazing people. 631 more words



Who’s to say why I feel such a deep connection to Japanese places of worship, be they temples or shrines?  Is it the setting?  The architecture?   408 more words

Living In Kyoto