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Shinto sanctuary

The last time I spoke of Buddhist temples and Shinto sanctuary. I’m a little more developed Shinto sanctuaries and ceremony. Next time I will talk about their deities named… 231 more words


"Jesus is Kind of Like a Buddha, Right?"

This post was sponsored by Johnny Trovato. If you’re interested in submitting topics for the blog, or just like my writing and want to sponsor Ogiue Maniax, check out my… 915 more words


Shinto and Buddhist places of worship

Hi! Today I will talk about the places of worship of the Shintoism and Bouddhism: Shinto sanctuaries and Buddhist temples.
In Japanese, it is recognized temples to their endings… 170 more words


Domo ArigaDIE!!! - Day 24 - The Gods of Shinto (#DomoArigaDIE!!!)

Shintoism doesn’t play a major role in Domo ArigaDIE!!!, but its power certainly factors into the training of one of the major characters. I also spent considerable time listening to Shinto ceremony music while editing the book. 31 more words


Influence of Shintoism

It’s been long since I have not written a post. I’m sorry. Today I will talk about the influence of Shintoism in Japan. There are so many examples of the influence of Shintoism in Japan that I can not list them all. 162 more words


Something More: Your Love in April, Virtuous Violence in Akame ga Kill, and TTGL's Megachurch

Isn’t it funny that when an anime season near its end, we seem to be less excited about finales the shows we’ve invested in than we are to the slate of new series about to arrive?  223 more words


Shintoism: definition

Shintoism is a polytheistic religion from Japan . His ideas have penetrated the Japanese company and remain today in the minds of the Japanese. Life after death is not a concern. 96 more words