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Spirituality in Anime - Musubi, Twilight and Your Name

In the first iteration of my auto-ethnographic research, I began to make sense of the spirituality in the film “Your Name” through my own spiritual journey. 1,406 more words


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The Energy for Prayer: Formal vs Informal

The past week has been a blur. Although I didn’t have much on, I was constantly exhausted from chronic pain and it disturbed most my sleep. 1,082 more words



Shintoism is an ancient Japanese religion that is still practiced today in Japan. Shinto can be translated as meaning “the way of the gods,” and those gods in Shintoism are called the Kami. 607 more words

For Witchlette

Witchlette has taken an interest in Shinto and Buddhist practices lately. Granted, she doesn’t quite know it. She knows it’s what Sensei Splinter does on Ninja Turtles, and when I shared with her that what Sensei discussed is based in real spiritual practices, she wanted to learn more about them. 44 more words


It's very Dangerous to Take away Small Stones Put in the Precincts of Shrines

There are some people who take away small stones put in the precincts of shrines. If shrines are eminent ones, there must be more who do such a thing. 477 more words


Shinto Manner of "Two Bows, Two Claps and One Bow" Set as the Standard by God's Will

In Shintoism, it has been thought of as the standard manner and disseminated as such all over the country since Meiji era to bow two times, clap your hands two times and bow once in front of the main building of a shrine. 453 more words


Shintoism: Casual Reading Impressions

I picked up the book The Essence of Shinto: Japan’s Spiritual Heart by Motohisa Yamakage last night from the library and am enjoying it so far; I’m only on page 40, but plan on finishing it soon. 495 more words