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Sayonara Shari’a: Japanese Lessons, Lost?

A United States War Department poster highlighting the wrenching reforms of Japan’s state religion, Shintoism (i.e., eliminating Shinto State militarism, and its indoctrination within Japanese schools)—and the guarantee of true religious freedom (including Shintosim as a private, personal faith), under the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers (SCAP), primarily, General Douglas MacArthur. 759 more words

Foreign Policy

Journey to the West

While most of us have some passing familiarity with the myths of ancient Egypt, Scandinavia and the Classical world, more obscure are the gods and monsters of the Far East. 938 more words


Japanese Funerals: Preparing for a New Journey

Funeral scenes are fairly common in anime, manga, dramas and movies. For non-Japanese people, the situation of a wake seems common enough. The relatives and guests are dressed in black or white, gifts or money are given to the relatives left behind, there are flowers, there’s usually a portrait of the deceased in the room, etc. 639 more words



Japanese believed that all things of this world had their own spirituality, and an agricultural society based on rice cultivation in Japan as nothing can exist without unification and harmony among all the things of this earth: mountains , rivers, sun, rain, thunder, services … 205 more words


Shinto sanctuary

The last time I spoke of Buddhist temples and Shinto sanctuary. I’m a little more developed Shinto sanctuaries and ceremony. Next time I will talk about their deities named… 231 more words


"Jesus is Kind of Like a Buddha, Right?"

This post was sponsored by Johnny Trovato. If you’re interested in submitting topics for the blog, or just like my writing and want to sponsor Ogiue Maniax, check out my… 915 more words


Shinto and Buddhist places of worship

Hi! Today I will talk about the places of worship of the Shintoism and Bouddhism: Shinto sanctuaries and Buddhist temples.
In Japanese, it is recognized temples to their endings… 170 more words