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Shintoism and Buddhism in Japan

Japan’s two major religions are Shintoism and Buddhism. Although, religion is not a part of everyday life for Japanese people. Customs and rituals are usually turned to during special occasions such as birth, weddings, funerals, visiting shrines and temples on religious holidays, and festivals. 533 more words



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Baha'i Faith


Shintoism is a wonderful religion, and it’s definitely my favourite of them all. The cultural richness and the massive part of Japanese culture that it plays is great. 43 more words

Religion And Belief


Is religion something that you are open about with your friends?

It’s not something I talk about with mine, and it’s something I feel I need to talk about more with them. 288 more words

Religion And Belief

The Sun and the Storm: The Duality of the Japanese People

The Japanese are famously known to be a paradoxical people. Author Yukio Mishima stated that the Japanese consciousness is an uneasy yet necessary balance between elegance and brutality. 1,604 more words

Shinto; How the Japanese Culture Prays to Nature Rather Than One God

Let’s pray to the gods of nature and learn a little about the Japanese culture at the same time. 916 more words


Fukuoka - Day 1

My morning was crazy. Ended up being on the Tokyo subway line for the tail end of rush hour. I recommend never doing that. In fact, I got off at the first stop and waited for at least three trains to go by before I scoped out one that looked like there was room. 207 more words

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