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A Tour of a Shinto Shrine in Japan

I got a new video up for A Taste of Japan, and it’s all about a Shinto shrine. Last time, I did a tour of a Buddhist temple. 97 more words


Preparing to Attend a Traditional Shinto Wedding 🙏♥

I have always been fascinated and awed by Shintoism and Buddhism, and as M and I gear up to go on our next trip to Japan to attend a friend’s traditional wedding, it’s no surprise that I am progressively becoming more and more familiar with Shintoism and the various beliefs and practices. 63 more words


Visit to the Tsubaki Grand Shrine

Recently, I went to the Tsubaki Grand Shrine–the 1st Shinto shrine built in North America (although moved from its original location in California to the current one in Washington State). 1,036 more words


The Happiness Project - August

I laughed out loud when I read the first page of August’s chapter. Someone asked Rubin if ‘The Happiness Project’ meant she was guzzling down a bottle of wine every night! 1,412 more words

Good Life

Yo-Kai Watch and Contextual Demons

August has been a month for discussing context here at Beneath the Tangles, and I highly recommend looking at both articles recently written on this subject: … 1,637 more words


Temple, Mosque, Church or Shrine....

Temple, Mosque, Church or Shrine

I see the same God, mine or thine…

The Gypsy


Better than the previous neighbour

Whittaker Chambers has an essay on St. Benedict, where he claims that one of the saint’s important contributions to the cultural revival of Europe was the reinfusion of meaningfulness into manual labor – something which Ancient Rome in its decadence had lost. 885 more words

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