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My neck-cartilage angle paper is out!

Arriving as an early Christmas present, and coming in just a week before the end of what would otherwise have been a barren 2014, my paper  337 more words

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Open-access megajournals reduce the peer-review burden

Despite the flagrant trolling of its title, Nature‘s recent opinion-piece Open access is tiring out peer reviewers is mostly pretty good. But the implication that the rise of open-access journals has increased the aggregate burden of peer-review is flatly wrong, so I felt obliged to leave a comment explaining why. 387 more words

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The most important essay on scholarly publication this week

…is not actually about scholarly publication. It’s Steve Albini’s keynote address at Melbourne’s Face the Music conference. It’s about the music industry, and how the internet transformed it from a restrictive, top-down oligarchy that mostly benefited middlemen into a more open, level, vibrant ecosystem where artists can get worldwide exposure for free, and yet are often compensated better than they were under the old system. 592 more words

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We need clear policy on tweeting from academic conferences

When Susie Maidment presented her in-progress research at SVP in Berlin last week, someone came in late, missed her “no tweeting, please” request, and posted a screenshot of the new work ( 400 more words

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Is my new sauropod-neck cartilage paper "published"?

In a comment on the last post, Mark Robinson asked an important question:

You linked to the preprint of your The neck of Barosaurus was not only longer but also wider than those of Diplodocus and other diplodocines…

650 more words
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Interview with Open Access Nigeria

Last night, I did a Twitter interview with Open Access Nigeria (@OpenAccessNG). To make it easy to follow in real time, I created… 2,272 more words

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