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5 Minutes to Smooth and Silky Hair

I will readily admit that I do not like styling my hair. I mean, I like the results (when they turn out well) but I’m just not into the time and effort it takes. 428 more words


Wet And Shiny

Afternoon’s watering, leaves the Paw Paw plant wet and shiny.


Abstract Warped 3D Surface

Visit my galleries at Society 6 and/or Redbubble to discover a wide assortment of items featuring this abstract three dimensional design. To create it, I used Adobe Photoshop and Filter Forge software. 25 more words


Dirty little secret

I have a dirty little secret to share.

My bathroom tile’s grout is gross.

And I can’t be the only one.

Before you start gagging please note that I wash my floors regularly. 753 more words


Harry Plotter: Shiny App of Spell Usage

In my second Harry Plotter blog (22-Aug-2017), I wrote:

I would like to demonstrate how regular expressions can be used to retrieve (sub)strings that follow a specific format.

125 more words

Evaluation of betting strategies - Betting on draws in football

As a side activity, I do some sports betting. After 2.5 years of using the so-called draw strategy in football bettings, I now decided to evaluate my betting performance using R. 3,100 more words


Earthworm Jim.

You want to corner the market for computer games – then you need a cartoon to go with your product. Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Sam and Max all got the treatment, as did everones favourite garden creepy crawly, the one and only Earthworm Jim. 285 more words