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This has international incident written all over it.

Today was better.  I only have one more day of going in at 5 AM.  Our newest hire is almost up to speed.  Her setup arrived, and we were all feeling a little jealous after it was ergonomically tuned and powered up.   755 more words

The Struggle

Getting started with Leaflet in Shiny - interactive map apps

Lately I’ve been enjoying learning how to use Shiny, and experimenting with making a fairly basic app, and wanted to develop my skills further.  812 more words

Silver Pitchers

I had a few pitchers laying out that I had yet to return to my inventory storage area from their last use.

I decided today is the day that I’m going to get them all washed up and ready to go back into storage until their next rental. 132 more words

The Four Cs

The world we live in is a diverse place, for sure. No two people are alike; even more different are the things those people want out of life. 1,257 more words


STILL Visualizing the Support Driven Survey

I have been away from the blog for a bit – during the time I normally spend blogging and thinking about blogging, I’ve been spending trying to get to know a new tool for my R toolbox, a web app platform for R called… 123 more words