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The Easiest, Cheapest Way To Get Silky Hair

Would you have ever guessed that the key to sleek, shiny hair exists within your own kitchen? Believe it! 

Apple cider vinegar is used in many home beauty treatments, hair care being no exception.  94 more words

Candid Sexy Shiny Cross Legs in Long Skirt

Candid Sexy Shiny Cross Legs in Long Skirt

Candid Sexy Shiny Cross Legs in Long Skirt


Weekend effect explainer: why we are not the 'climate change deniers of healthcare'

The statistics underlying the arguments around the weekend effect are complicated. Despite over a hundred empirical studies on the topic, and an observed increase in the risk of mortality for weekend admissions in multiple countries, there is still no real consensus on what is going on. 484 more words

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Disco Pants Christmas?

I forgot to ask–did any of you receive disco pants for Christmas? Or did you give disco pants as a gift to someone? I didn’t receive any but I never really expect to. 614 more words

American Apparel To Close This Year

I had to preempt another post which I had ready to go today because of some disconcerting news. You may have heard by now that American Apparel has been sold for $88 million to a Canadian company. 1,156 more words

But It's Shiny! (Thanks, NASA)

In tribute to small children and easily distracted people everywhere, NASA will go out of its way to check out a shiny object.

Squirrel! Or maybe Rudolph. 257 more words

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It's 2017 But Too Cold For Disco Pants

No surprise here–I did not wear disco pants that day I was considering it. It was just too ridiculously cold and still is. I know there will be more opportunities so no worries. 624 more words