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Three R Shiny tricks to make your Shiny app shines (2/3): Semi-collapsible sidebar


Actually there is a much easier way to do so, by just adding the code below to the UI:

Thanks at @_pvictorr for suggesting it! 1,105 more words


Shiny on the surface

The grass is not only greener from a distance but everything is in glitter. What we have we can not appreciate what we do not have, our desire for it keeps us from enjoying the present and whatever shines must become one of our possessions. 287 more words

Daily Prompt.

Glitter, It's origins and attraction

We all love shiny, sparkly things. They’re eye catching and tend to be noticed a lot. Some research shows that one reason why humans get entranced by the shine of glitter is because it looks like shimmering water and this relates to a very basic instinct in us to always seek out water. 109 more words


Shiny Web Application - Workshop

“The impact of data scientists’ work depends on how well others can understand their insights to take further actions” (blog)

In this workshop, I will introduce you to the concept of Declarative Reactive Web Frameworks, allowing for interactive user-friendly data visualization and data analytics, particularly Shiny.

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Visual Exploration

The essence driven from m research:

  • Motifs
    • Organic
    • geometric
  • weaving
    • weft
    • warps
  • Emphasis/Shiny
    • -Gold
    • -Silver
  • patterns

I took some brocade samples are tried to explore the motifs and design new and interesting motifs.

Dreams #1

After a couple dozen studies of soda and beer cans I launched into a large scale painting.  It took several weeks to finish.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, scaling up paintings exponentially increases the working time. 41 more words