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Real women have curves.

They also have long shiny hair, and big eyes with long eyelashes and flawless skin. They smell like vanilla, and are soft spoken, and always polite. 145 more words

Shiny Shiny

This month I spent a week in Maine painting landscapes (images coming soon!).  The experience once again drove home how challenging landscape painting is for me: from siting locations, to handling trees, to edge control, to atmospheric perspective. 77 more words

Trend Alert/Tutorial: GLITTER

If you’ve been on instagram lately, you have probably seen a new trend in make up emerging – Glitter.

Glitter – the herpes of the craft world. 777 more words


DataViz : Making life easier one plot at a time.

Data visualization has brought about a sweeping change to the way analysts work with data. And with the data growing exponentially every second, data viz is going to continue to address the pressing need to be able to explore the data creatively, dig for deeper insights and address goals in an engaging manner. 795 more words

Data Analysis

Release Wrap Up: August 26th

10tons Ltd‘s physics based puzzle game King Oddball is will be available to download digitally on PC and on Xbox One via the ID@Xbox… 276 more words

Release Wrap Up

C / shiny objects

I’m not really a glitter person. I respect it, because I understand it’s power, but I tend to keep a safe distance. A lot of the traditional dresses in Cambodia tend to err on the side of lace, dipped in glitter, rolled in sequins, and it sort of makes me itchy to look at. 69 more words

RStudio Shiny Server in AWS

AWS/EC2 Setup

  • Step 1- Amazon Machine Instance: Ubuntu
  • Step 2 – Instance Type: m4.large
  • Step 3 – No changes
  • Step 4 – Storage: 30 Size GiB…
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