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Limited Sleeper Sites - Finally Got To Completely Run One

So, since these have been released, I have found.. exactly.. Three. In Total. Two had been mostly ran, and whoever had done them had given up part way through.  1,082 more words

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Re-writing the Book on the new Hoarder Industrial

The Hoarder.  Long ago I stopped using this ship simply because I could fly the Mammoth/Mastadon when I needed to do some heavy hauling, or the Wreathe/Prowler when I needed speed.   392 more words

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Muninn crap? Not anymore I think...

I have tauted the possibilities of the Muninn for a long time, and to a certain extent I thought it was still a superior ship to the new Attack Battlecruisers like the Tornado for long range attacks. 808 more words

Game Dynamics

Finally, Its Here. The Vagabond gets a Makeover..

So.. you all considered it a.. downgrade did ya:

So, I decided that since there was such drama around the changes made to the illustrious Vagabond, I decided to see how much of that change was effective.   786 more words

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Well, ATXI is over..

And after seeing this year’s Alliance Tournament XI (the first week, still going through the second week) I am left with two opinions:

  1. This was the BEST Alliance Tournament ever…
  2. 917 more words
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Navy Battlecruisers - All that you could want, and in some cases, had.

So, there was this post a long time ago wondering why we didn’t have Navy Issue Battlecruisers.

Well, now we have them.  And strangely enough, in at least one case, we had it all along. 1,365 more words

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The Minmatar Cyclone - Revised for Retribution

The Minmatar Cyclone has long been an unpopular PVP ship.  The primary reason for this was that it had retained the very old concept of “versatility”.   1,613 more words

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