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Md. Lawmakers Call For Crude Oil Train Shipment Risk Assessment, More Railroad Transparency

Maryland lawmakers concerned about increasingly common rail shipments of crude oil through Maryland are calling for the state to conduct a full assessment of the risks and for railroads to be more transparent about their operations, according to The Baltimore Sun. 186 more words

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California Citrus Prices Dive As Port Labor Problems Keeps Product In U.S.

OAKLAND (KCBS)— It may take up to two months for the Port of Oakland to recover and resume a normal schedule now that operations at nearly all West Coast seaports resumed to normal on Monday. 265 more words


Lost and Found Astrophotography items

Yes, you’ve read that right. I thought I lost my DSLR camera and telescope accessories a month ago. But I thank God that although I’ve heard that lost items were often impossible to be retrieved by this company, I still got my items back and in good condition. 280 more words


150220-21 Shipping

No Resi Pengiriman 20-21 Februari :
1. Mahsa : SUBF401476780515
2. Wulandari : SUBB104234274015
3. Euis : SUBB104234305015


150216 Shipping

No Resi Pengiriman 16 Februari :
1. Ovi : SUBB104196702015
2. Diska : SUBB104196680815
3. Krishta : SUBB104196651415
4. Renada : SUBB104196631815
5. Erica : SUBB104196591015
6. Amalia : SUBB104196571415
7. Kyky : SUBB104196561615


150210 Shipping

No Resi Pengiriman 10 Februari :
1. Azimatul : SUBB104148134215
2. Fitri : SUBB104148144015


Three Brown (2015)

1. Cows.
2. Grass in winter.
3. Chocolate.
Shipment on the way-
Just in time, for Valentine’s