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Moving out!

Last week we had movers over to the apartment to pack up our shipment to Germany! I’ve never had professional movers before, but I think it was such a flawless, streamlined process, that I don’t know if I could ever again move without them. 485 more words


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Personalization: Why It's Important for E-Commerce Packaging

It’s 2015, and retail e-commerce is doing better than ever. According to an estimate released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, in 2014, total retail sales amounted to well over 4.5 trillion dollars, and retail e-commerce sales accounted for nearly 3 billion of that (approximately 6.3% over all). 689 more words


Police Find a Large Sum of Marajuana in a Avacado Shipment

I knew there was a reason Avacado Was becoming more popular!! LOL. …

Authorities found more than $10 million worth of marijuana hidden in a shipment of frozen avocado pulp at a west suburban cold storage facility in Illinois. 23 more words

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Check Out What Cops Found In A Shipment Of Avocado Pulp In Lyons!

Talk about some expensive guacamole!

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says they seized about 2,000 pounds worth of marijuana worth about $10 million bucks!

But it’s not like the stuff was out in the open, it was found inside a shipment of avocado pulp! 54 more words


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