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Would You Live in a Shipping Container?

It’s a growing trend. People turning the ubiquitous shipping container into residential spaces. They can be high end and artfully designed, like this ultra-modern two-story house above, or they can be more humble and utilitarian, like the super sleek industrial design below. 107 more words

Home Building

Sustainable Containers

Shipping container housing has gained considerable momentum in the last few years, with some pretty exciting, inspirational, and at times whacky designs have made their mark in the sustainable construction and housing sector. 636 more words


Some Flashbacks Of Adolf Hitler?

I went to bed very late again last night and I did not get enough sleep, when I woke up I could not remember any of my dreams at first, but I had a chance to lay there a moment with my eyes closed until I was able to remember part of a dream from last night that had many different transitions that I did not notice while in the dream. 1,239 more words


Is Shipping that complicated??

Having set foot into the shipping industry in 1991, shipping evolution has come a Long way where the simplicity of shipping has become complicated… however is complexity the word to use when shipping in steel box is simply putting cargo into a metal box?? 264 more words