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The Ship List, Pt. 2

Welcome back to the second part in my series The Ship List. Yesterday, I shared My Top 10 Ships of All Time, and today I’ll share my equally TV-obsessed friend Samantha’s list. 1,553 more words


The South China Sea Is Really A Fishery Dispute

Given its power and recent assertiveness in the South China Sea, China’s interests deserve special attention. Aside from enlarging China’s security perimeter, China’s regional interests can be roughly lumped into three “P”s—politics, petroleum, and proteins (fish). 28 more words

United States

Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary)

Well I finished watching this recently and, honestly, I’m just gonna say 7/10.

The twenty episodes were great, 9/10, I couldn’t stop watching. But then, after  196 more words


The Ship List, Pt. 1

It’s no surprise I love pop culture. It’s also no surprise I get really into my TV shows. I laugh, I cry, I discuss. I rewatch and laugh and cry and discuss all over again. 498 more words


Potterhead July: How I Discovered Ships and Why I Blame Harry Potter

Once upon a time, there was an elementary school girl who didn’t know much about doing things on the Internet. In fact, there wasn’t much to do on her family’s slow connection anyway (Remember when your PHONE was connected to your internet? 944 more words


Bonus Post #30- Our Favorites: Crack Ships

Hello anime lovers to another Our Favorites! Today I, B-Ro will be doing the post since RishRaff is away today which is only fitting as most of my ships are crack ships.  513 more words