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30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 15

Day 15: Favorite Animal Sidekick, Pet Or Summoning From Any Anime

I’m not that into animals, but one non-humanoid character that really stuck with me is Kon from… 40 more words


Book Boyfriends! // Valentine's Week

As most people know, I’m obsessed with shipping book characters and squealing about hot fictional characters so I thought, why not devote the week leading up to Valentine’s Day to my favorite books and their couples. 342 more words



It’s been one year. All the magic and charm of the relationship wore off and Hermione is left stranded thinking ‘where did they go wrong?’ The fights are getting bigger and scarier. 444 more words


Important Dates for 2016 Foodservice Exhibitors

Mark your calendars!

The 2016 PMA Foodservice Conference will take place July 29 – 31, with the expo taking place on Sunday, July 31. Reminder: 176 more words

Tips For Exhibitors

"Home Again" and Looking at the Big and Little Questions on The X-Files

Mulder’s quest began a long time ago with a simple question that lacked in a simple answer – who took his sister and why? That night is what led to his interest (okay obsession) with all things paranormal, ultimately leading to his partnership with Scully. 1,150 more words

Costume Design

Drupal Commerce Translate Shipping service label

You can use following hook to translate and rename shipping method information.
* Implements hook_commerce_shipping_service_info_alter().
function theme_commerce_shipping_service_info_alter(&$shipping_services) {
if (isset($shipping_services[‘free_shipping’])) {
$shipping_services[‘free_shipping’][‘display_title’] = t(‘Free shipping within’);

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