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Right time, right place

Captain Andrey Voloshin wanted a hydrocarbon shipping safety revolution. He describes his journey
to start one. IHS Maritime’s Girija Shettar reports

As a Ukrainian former master mariner, Andrey Voloshin was in the best position to know what goes on aboard… 192 more words


A Seasoned Salt: Part 3

At the end of the war with England, John Paul found himself a naval officer without a ship. The Congress decided the country did not need naval ships in peace time. 344 more words


Friends with benefits

IHS Maritime’s Richard Clayton looks at the implications of a double VLCC order by Greek owner

Last week it was announced that South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering had won an… 193 more words


Dangers of a culture clash

Miscommunication – verbal and non-verbal –can have disastrous consequences on board. IHS Maritime’s Girija Shettar looks at the issues and how they might be addressed… 251 more words


FY2016 Budget--First Look

We now have access to the proposed Coast Guard Budget for FY2016 in several levels of detail in the form of pdfs. These range from a one page “fact sheet” to over 500 pages of Congressional justification. 312 more words


A Seasoned Salt: Part 1

Today I want to tell you about a young man born in Scotland where his father was a gardener. He was born John Paul and his older brother was William. 343 more words