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Ship: The Batwing

Affiliation:   Unified Earth Fleet (2nd Fleet)

Designation:  Long Range Recon Ship

Class:  Charlie

Personnel: 13

Name:  The Batwing

Support Ship: None

Tender:  2 Sharks

Commanding Officer:   Augustas “Gus” Alaap

First Mention:  Primary Collision


The race to save up to 50 shipwrecks from looters in Southeast Asia

The stern of HMAS Sydney.
Courtesy of Curtin University and WA Museum. © WA Museum

Natali Pearson, University of Sydney

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Ship Tales: From Australia to Europe

‘We have a rule in the Philippines’, growls the man to my left. ‘If you don’t sing, you dance’.

I seriously ponder dancing for a moment, but the prospect of gyrating before a dozen drunken Filipino sailors who are singing sensuous love songs, full of feeling and soprano tones, becomes less and less attractive. 11,127 more words


Sailing the Seven Seas: How to Travel by Container Ship

When most people think of a sea voyage, they think: cruise ship, wealthy and obnoxious retirees, bars, shops, discos … But another, far more satisfying way of sailing the seven seas exists: containers ships, or, as Americans call them, freighter ships. 817 more words


Ten tips for singing karaoke with a Filipino crew

Should you ever take a voyage on a container ship with a (very likely) Filipino crew, should you ever be invited to one of the crew’s parties, remember the following: 238 more words


Go Back in Time at the Maritime Museum!

Prepare to sail through time here at the Maritime Museum! (Complete with our Rat Stew and live music!)

Come join us at any of our unique events where we’re sure you’ll have a blast! 25 more words