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UAE's New, and very well Armed OPV

DefenseNews reports first impressions of a new Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) built for UAE’s Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Agency (CICPA) shown at the NAVDEX (naval) portion of the IDEX international Defense Exposition in Abu Dhabi. 289 more words


How Does the Program of Record Compare to Historic Fleets

A question from a reader prompted me to look at how the “Program of Record” (POR) compares with Coast Guard patrol fleets of the past. 479 more words


A Little More on the Offshore Patrol Cutter

MarineLink has a story on the OPC, and it includes a bit more detail, and it raises some questions. I’ve also seen a couple of stories about how they will be equipped that will be referred to below. 757 more words

Navy Boosts Target Fleet Size to 355. What is the CG Target?

The Coast Guard might learn something from the way the Navy plows the ground ahead of their budget requests. The Navy creates a “Force Structure Assessment” and from this, they derive a 30 year ship building plan. 682 more words



Affiliation:   United Earth (3rd Fleet)

Designation:  Long Range Recon Ship 258

Class:  Bravo

Personnel:  13


Support Ship: 17 Recon Tender Ship


Commanding Officer:   Jr. 25 more words


Coast Guard Overview

If you haven’t seen it already, the Coast Guard has a web site that provides a lot of information about the status of the service. The  91 more words

Ship: The Tornado

Affiliation:   United Earth (Stranger) Fleet

Designation:  Command Ship of the 2nd Squadron

Class:  Charlie

Personnel:  1,691

Name:  Named after a force of Nature

Support Ship: 20 more words

2nd Squadron