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Offshore project vessels make waves in China

A massive wind energy growth strategy is fuelling demand for high-tech vessels, IHS Maritime’s Dexter Yan reports

China’s ambitious offshore power goals are set to unleash a huge demand for special ships that are needed to install gigantic windmills at sea. 108 more words


Funding our ambassadors

IHS Maritime’s Richard Clayton looks at Singapore’s Maritime Cluster Fund

In an IHS Maritime Fairplay opinion column at the end of February, I suggested that rather than each IMO member state appointing its own maritime ambassador, we should all consider ourselves ambassadors. 211 more words


Observations on the New Naval Strategy

I know many of you do not have the time or inclination to read the strategy, although it is not particularly long for such a document, so in addition to commenting on the contents, I will provide a Coast Guard “Readers Digest” version outlining the elements that are specific to the Coast Guard. 2,295 more words


IADC 50th anniversary interview: Keeping maritime moving

As the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) approaches its half-century, Lisa Maher asks Secretary General René Kolman about its celebrations, communications and concerns

With a degree in economics and an innate interest in ports and maritime trade, Secretary General René Kolman joined the association based in The Hague, the Netherlands, back in 2008 from a landscape contractors’ trade association: “A totally different focus,” he noted. 157 more words


The Reverie (Remembrance,) Part 1

Reverie (Remembrance)

Elven Stinger

Built By: Elves

Used Primarily By: Ogres

Tonnage: 7 tons

Hull Points: 7

Crew: 2/7 (5)

Maneuver Class: B

Landing-Land: Yes… 849 more words


Gone, and almost forgotten

IHS Maritime’s Stephen Spark looks back at Senegal’s Le Joola ferry disaster

History, and memory, can be fickle. The loss of 1,517 lives in the sinking of  357 more words