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GAO Report on Operational Test and Evaluation of the National Security Cutter

GAO has published a report on the National Security Cutters, GAO-16-148, contending, “Enhanced Oversight Needed to Ensure Problems Discovered during Testing and Operations Are Addressed.” Note, it goes beyond problems discovered during tests and evaluation, to include other problems encountered during operation. 614 more words


Turkey's OPC

Photo: NavalAnalyses.Blogspot.Com. Click on the photo to enlarge

The German Navy Blog “Marine Forum,”

“5 January, Turkey, Acting on a tip-off / intelligence input, Turkish Coast Guard ships „Yasam“ and „Umut“ intercept Bolivian-flagged freighter „Joudi“ in international waters off Tobruk (Libya) … after receiving Bolivian government permission to board and search ship, boarding team finds 13 tonnes of cannabis.

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Russian Navy Primer--USNI

If you are interested in being up to speed on the Russian Navy, the US Naval Institute has provided access to an Office of Naval Intelligence… 80 more words


Clarke/Bellamy [Bellarke] - The 100

Oh, where do I even start with this one? Can you say OTP (one true pair)? Because I can.

I’ll be honest here and say that when I first started watching the show, I liked Finn. 203 more words


Saudi Naval Modernization

DOD Photo. Ships of the Saudi Arabian Navy are docked at the base PORT JUBAIL

Below is a post I prepared for CIMSEC. It began at Lyle’s suggestion several months ago, to be published here, considering if perhaps some of the new Coast Guard assets, the National Security Cutter, the Offshore Patrol Cutter, or the Fast Response Cutter might serve as the basis for something the Saudis would buy. 1,201 more words


Mexican Navy Sinks OPV as Dive Attraction

Late Note: Unfortunately I let my frustration with the slowness of out cutter replacement and my natural snarkiness color this report, leaving the impression that the Mexican Navy was replacing its ships faster than the Coast Guard, which is not the case. 73 more words


Azerbeijan CG's New WPC and WPB

Photo: Azerbaijan Coast Guard’s first Saar 62. Source: President’s Office, Azerbaijan

We have talked about these before, but now we have more details, particularly about how they are equipped. 237 more words