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Delicious or Just Disgusting

I am a little asian girl, Japanese to be specific. And as a little asian girl, I get curious as to what kind of unique foods are made in Japan. 354 more words

Fugu's Shirako

The testis of fugu are quite incredible, white and puffy filled with a milky and creamy substance.

Life Cycles

Shirako Fugu @ Matsukawa

The steaming-pipping hot shirako is always so hot it can scald your mouth. This was small enough to fit into a small sized yuzu together with a thickened dashi. 47 more words


Surprise Fish Sashimi @ Matsukawa

Sometimes you cannot recognize a fish when it’s served raw and this time I was stumped. The accompanying ponzu gave way for me to believe it is some kind of neutral tasting white fish that is best served this way. 29 more words

Life Cycles

Unidentified Food Objects

My last offering on life in Japan focussed on the key issue of language and the subsequent troubles I had to be understood in a country where practical English ability is largely non-existent. 1,334 more words