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Shire Man Builds Giant Clump Of Lego Out Of Lego

A shire man has constructed a huge clump of Lego made entirely out of Lego after 10,000 hours of tireless work in his garage.

“I’ve made this whole thing without any plans at all using over a million individual pieces of Lego,” said Jannali engineer Dwayne Hall as he proudly posed in front of his masterpiece. 247 more words

ShireShot - Sunbathin in peace

Photos taken on April 20th of the sunabthing lawn! Wowser of a day, was nice to get some C and G :P


Why The Baxalta / Shire Transaction Is A Merger Arbitrage Opportunity

This is our first post on merger arbitrage opportunities. These situations can be a great way for investors to profit from events that are weakly correlated to the rest of the market. 1,279 more words


Hobbiton: Walking Up to the Bagginses

Anyone who have read The Hobbit would have imagined that hole in the ground where a hobbit lived. In fact the hobbit JRR Tolkien is particularly describing is Bilbo Baggins and his house at Bag End at the Shire in Hobbiton. 1,000 more words


Italian Forest

This picture was taken in Italy, it’s taken on our way down to the beach, where you’ll have to walk through this amazing pinetree-forest to get there. 83 more words


Softcock Doesn't Help Rest Of Guys Build Dam At Picnic

Fellow picnicgoers of shire softcock Michael Ladida report that he refused to kick in and help them build a makeshift dam across a tiny stream that ran through the middle of their picnic ground today. 287 more words

Cargo Park 

I was recently watching a show on HGTV and the real estate agent mentioned that there was a trend in using cargo crates or shipping containers as homes. 126 more words