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Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish all my fellow Americans a happy thanksgiving, and the rest of the world have a great day too!

Thank you Delphinia for helping today :D… 37 more words


Getting Fit

I’ve started riding this large Shire cross a couple of times a week and it’s made me think about fitness and getting different types of horses fit. 542 more words


Penis Drawn On Shire Man's House Definitely A Banksy

A shire householder is 100% certain that a penis and balls spray painted on the front wall of his house is the work of ironic guerrilla graffiti artist Banksy. 256 more words

Shire Man Has Freakish Ability To Swallow Own Saliva

Friends and workmates of a shire man continue to be astounded by his uncanny ability to suck his own saliva back down his throat rather than spit it out onto the ground. 274 more words

Do smugglers do any good by providing an escape route?

The good versus the bad.

Are people who traffic migrants and refugees across dangerous waters, for profit,  doing something totally unacceptable?

According to UN figures I’ve gleaned from The Guardian this week,  some 200.000 people crossed the Mediterranean in the month of October, paying smugglers to take them across dangerous waters. 134 more words

This chair. This lovely chair.

We have decided to give our old and trusted chair a place in the sun. Back in the days of living in Holland, painting clock dials,  and having very young children, we bought an old Saxon farm house that dated back to the sixteen hundreds. 413 more words

Gerard Oosterman

Another Reason To Check Your Old Books

I have discovered all manner of ephemera in old books—everything from 19th century hotel bills to bawdy letters—but nothing as special as a rare map of Middle Earth. 143 more words