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Limmia & her fox

Just having a pint at the Bird & Baby with my fox. His name is Mulder. He likes to hang out on the counter and scare Carlo Balgrove, the tavern keep. Mulder is pretty harmless though. :)


Dinner: 7 Hobbit Meals in 7 Days (SXSW Video Challenge)

We made it! Seven videos in seven days!

Now who wants to celebrate with squirrel for dinner! No? What about oxtails? Maybe a nice rabbit? 120 more words


Supper: 7 Hobbit Meals in 7 Days (SXSW Video Challenge)

If you can’t decide whether your last hot meal of the day should be called supper or diner, eat like a Hobbit and have both! 139 more words


Afternoon Tea: 7 Hobbit Meals in 7 Days (SXSW Video Challenge)

Tolkien started The Hobbit with a joke about High Tea versus Low Tea. If you ask me, no matter what it’s called, you can’t go wrong with a steaming mug of hot leaf water served alongside small, sugary carbohydrates. 147 more words


Landroval fun times

Logged into Lotro tonight and went to Landroval just because¬†I hadn’t logged into those toons in a long time. Randomly stumbled upon a RP concert in Micheal Delving and ended up hanging out for about an hour. 89 more words


Elevenses: 7 Hobbit Meals in 7 Days (SXSW Daily Video Challenge)

After a hearty Breakfast and filling Second Breakfast, it’s finally time for Elevenses!

My Second Breakfast was all about sneaking off for a small adventure on a sunny day. 171 more words