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Why the CEO of a $50 billion company thinks you should look to Roger Federer for career inspiration

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Flemming Ornskov still considers himself a physician. 

The CEO of $50 billion drugmaker Shire — known for making ADHD medicine and its focus on rare diseases like the blood disorder hemophilia — might not spend his day seeing patients, but he continues to find ways to apply what he learned in his training to his job.  278 more words

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The CEO of a $50 billion company explains why investment bankers are moaning 'about the tough times they're going through'

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For big drugmakers that want to grow their business, acquiring smaller companies with one or two products is often a surefire way to make sure that happens. 532 more words

Money Matters

Why I Loved The Lord of The Rings

I love fantasy. When I was a small kid, I used to watch a lot of cartoons. Watching them, I got drawn to the fantastic elements. 2,197 more words

If the Book Comes True

May 26

Rustling like riffled pages, the leaves skim my shoulders as Nicky and I follow a narrow trail through the thicket. When we emerge, there are stiles to climb, fields to cross, skeptical cows, and a vanishing path. 665 more words

Scratch Built Hobbit Milita. WIP

There is something wrong with GW. Well we all know there is alot wrong with games workshop, but specifcally I’m referring to is their habbit of making cheap horde armies in Middle Earth Battle Strategy game in small metal/resin blister packs. 338 more words

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Markush Groups: Traps for the Unwary

Author: Amy Proctor
Editor: Adriana L. Burgy

While many patent examiners prefer Markush claims, which recite lists of alternatively useable species, to be formatted as “selected from the group consisting of A, B, and C,” Applicants should carefully consider claim construction before adopting this format. 577 more words

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