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MC: "Some books on reconciliation and infidelity."

I’ve done a decent amount of reading since d-day.  I’ll review some of what I’ve learned here.  I’ll cover more in future posts.

I will start with… 1,645 more words

The Unfaithful Spouse

Men and Women Think of Affairs Differently

What would make you more jealous? If your partner was sexually unfaithful, or if your partner was emotionally unfaithful?

According to David Frederick of Chapman University study on infidelity, men and women are different. 359 more words

Is it an emotional affair?

Cathmae suggested a post on the definition of emotional affairs.  She and her ex-husband did not agree on the definition.  Others here have said that their spouses took some time to accept that they had cheated.  672 more words


Ministers Guilty of Sexual Sin: Not Just Friends

A reader asked about being alone in the building with the female church secretary, on those days that he is the only minister on duty. I’m not sure I have the answer, but before even attempting an answer, I need to cover some ground some readers may not be familiar with. 1,047 more words