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Garbage rolled through NYC supporting Blondie live at The Beacon Theatre. They wailed through some of their best known greats like Stupid Girl, Number One Crush, Milk and a bunch more. 7 more words


This Is The Noise That Keeps/Has Kept Me Awake (for 20 Years)

I vividly remember hearing Stupid Girl being played on the radio and thinking, emphatically, that it was one of the best songs I’d ever heard. I must have been about 11 and I’m fairly confident that I had no idea what the song was about. 281 more words

Ας ευχηθούμε ότι οι Garbage δε θα κυκλοφορήσουν στο μέλλον ένα τραγούδι χειρότερο από το νέο τους σινγκλ.

Από τα μέσα της δεκαετίας του ’90 μέχρι το 2001, οι Garbage ήταν ένα από τα πιο αγαπημένα μου συγκροτήματα, αλλά πλέον έχω να ακούσω ένα τραγούδι της προκοπής από εκείνους εδώ και 12 συναπτά έτη, και πολύ φοβάμαι πλέον ότι ο κατήφορός τους δεν έχει τέλος, καθώς το ολοκαίνουριο και ντεμέκ επαναστατικό No Horses’ είναι ό,τι πιο βαρετό και αδιάφορο έχω ακούσει μέχρι σήμερα από την πάλαι ποτέ συνταρακτική μπάντα της Shirley Manson.


From Garbage to Greatness - Part 1

It was 1995. eBay launched onto the web. Digital Video Discs were released. You know, DVDs. Though the meaning changed soon after the applications for this format sky rocketed. 795 more words


Shirley Manson: "The Role of the Artist is More Important Than Ever."

Garbage, the 90s hit-making group, will take the stage tonight at The Mann Center with Blondie, the legendary rock/punk/new wave band.

So, we caught up with Garbage’s lead singer, … 1,389 more words


Today's Yesterday Track - GARBAGE...

Golden oldies to soundtrack the summer of 2017…

‘I Think I’m Paranoid’ by GARBAGE

Band: GARBAGE – fronted by Shirley Manson – one of the coolest, most… 173 more words

Today's Yesterday Track

Timeless Classic Of The Day

Milk by Garbage

I am weak, but I am strong…