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Why Did I Make a Website?

If you will ask me this question a few hours ago, I might not answer.

True, it was for the requirement purposes that made me dedicate a website for myself. 379 more words


Nendoroid Monday #01

To sweeten up everyones Monday I thought about making a little “photo series”. Not on a very regular base as I know this can be tough for me (yeah even if it would be one picture a week haha, but I don’t want to dissapoint anyone!). 27 more words


Vegan Dishes

Ethiopian and Eritrean food is the best thing to turn to if you are into vegan food. A lot of people fast on Wednesdays and Fridays, because thees days are holidays. 168 more words


Shiro of Voltron and Capitalism

So the wife and I just finished season three of Netflix’s Volrton: Legendary Defender and it took us forever after blowing through the first two seasons. 556 more words


i can live with regrets, i can live with time
i just want some peace
is that such a crime?


shiro enjoying a saturday afternoon 

Fangirl Moment: Voltron Legendary Defender

Hey Hey Heroes, Travelers and Wandering NPCs! I know it’s not Friday… well, maybe it is somewhere in the world… maybe? *awkward laugh* I’ve been kind of AWOL with this old blog for the past few months, forgive me, I’ve been trying to get my life together, but I’m back…¬† 986 more words