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FOTD: Green and Blue Earth Day Look

My final IMAM sample challenge came from /u/smilingsunbeams, aka Crimson and Clovher, who suggested I use Notoriously Morbid’s Hesitant Heroine and Hello Waffle’s Beneath Oxfordshire together. 482 more words


FOTD: Lots of Magenta

Oftentimes when I’m considering buying something from a brand I already own, I find myself playing with the shadows already in my stash before I make up my mind. 350 more words


No Game No Life [ spoiler-free review ]

My brother had been nagging me to watch this for months. I finally got around to it and, boy, I wish I watched this sooner. 771 more words


FOTD: Locked Doors as Liner

In her review of Hello Waffle’s Painted Flowers Collection, Pigmented Lips suggested that Locked Doors would make a great liner on people with pale skintones, especially with blue eyes. 262 more words


FOTD: Blue Eyes and Lips Dare

 This Saturday over on /r/indiemakeupandmore it was round two of Indie Truth or Dare. /u/_HappyG_ dared me to do blue eyes and lips, so I did! 417 more words



This week I decided to focus on just one face! Shiro’s from Deadmanwonderland. There was an immense amount of detail in this so this piece took me longer than usual. 59 more words


FOTD: Easter Pastel Halo Eye

 Happy Easter! I decided to do a springy pastel look to celebrate. (Easter’s not my favorite holiday, it’s not spring here and my husband and I failed to plan ahead enough to buy groceries for our usual Easter dinner, so this is pretty much the only bone I’m throwing to Easter this year.) I did a pastel pink and green version of my newfound halo eye technique. 312 more words