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No game No life 😘

Why has there not been another series yet???

Yeah I know there was copyright issues but come on! This series was so creepy pervy and weird but what’s not to love about these quirky step siblings! 196 more words


My Feline Buddy

            As an IT student, Math (Mental Abuse to Humans), computer languages and mostly traffic is my stressors in my daily life as a college guy. School, eat, sleep, and repeat is my daily routine, I guess I should say that tomorrow is another stress. 125 more words


Northgard Demands That You Take Winter Seriously

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Northgard is a different kind of strategy game. It is about map control, sure, and there are resources to be gathered and enemies to defeat. 633 more words


No Game No Life

A place where everything is decided by a game? well I can say that I can’t survive because I don’t have any gamer’s quality and I only know few games. 209 more words

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My cute little dog

Hello!!! I’m Tina. Today, let me introduce to you my CUTE little dog: Shiro! 21 more words