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I’m a big fan of shiro being a big fan of allura’s muscles

Fire Emblem Fates - Shiro's Struggle

Spoiler warning for Paralogue 7 in Fire Emblem Fates, for Birthright and Revelation. Nothing story related, just characters and gameplay. Maybe a little story related, no promises. 1,383 more words


Shiro Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review

I recently made my first purchase from a company that I’d been drooling over for a long time: Shiro Cosmetics. I love how all their products are nerdy/geeky themed, and they have so many cool eyeshadows that I’m starting to think it would be worth going broke just to get to try them all (luckily you can get $1 samples of almost every shade, so I might just have to go on a “sample spree” someday). 556 more words


Serving Shiro enabled Apache Zeppelin with Apache mod_proxy + SSL (https)

To serve Apache Zeppelin which runs behind a public web server running apache httpd, you will have to use mod_proxy. To better protect authentication mechanism you will also need https, rather than plain http. 422 more words