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FOTD: Slapdash Test Out the New Camera Before It Gets Dark Look

So after a somewhat agonizing 12 cameraless days, I finally have a new camera and can blog again! Which meant I needed to try it out immediately. 259 more words


1950s PILOT R3R (A-shiki Filler)

Today we are examining a specimen of the PILOT R3R from the fifties. These lower mid tier pens hold a special place in my heart because of my fondness of Showa period Japan. 259 more words

Fountain Pens

FOTD: Blackbird's Feminine Pinks

 I was in the mood for a simple kind of looks today, so I figured I’d try some of my new Blackbird shadows. I was also feeling a little bit girly, so I went for the pink ones. 309 more words


FOTD: Black and White and Pink

 This morning I accidentally primed my eyes with shimmer primer instead of regular. The look I’d planned on wouldn’t have worked well with the shimmer primer, so I decided to do something different. 377 more words


FOTD: Heart Attack and Unveil Challenge

Having worked through my stack of sample challenge pairings and feeling uninspired, I decided to do my own sample challenge. I keep my samples in two boxes, own for the shadows I’ve already used and one for the shadows I haven’t tested yet. 456 more words


And One More For Caturday Night

Shiro and Friends are always snoozing. The only difference (usually) is- the choice of head wear changes from video to video. Tonight it looks like- what, french fries? 7 more words