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Review: Miller Brewing Co. | High Life

Once, after graduating from college
I went to a party thrown by a few alumni on the North side of town
After climbing
Flights of stairs… 102 more words


REVIEW: Efes Draft

Efes Draft
Efes Beverage Group
Istanbul, Turkey

To me, Efes is a snooker club in Dalston that for a few years was taken over by Hackney and Dalston types. 329 more words


A Rookie's Start...


I’m the first to admit that when it comes to brewing beer, I’m a complete freaking n00b. There, I said it. On the interwebs, for all to see. 410 more words

Brew Days

Foreign country to buy Budweiser

So Budweiser might get bought out by a Belgium company and some people are mad because it is supposed to be an “American Icon” or something like that. 179 more words


Stupid bar people

Obviously, I am still in America, which means that this becomes briefly a place for me to vent about the stupidity of people, which is what occupies much of my mind these days… hell, it’s always occupied a lot of my mind, but sometimes god just drops people in your lap, and they just say stupid things…. 491 more words

Pre-Trip Musings