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Sh*t Skier Girls Say | Funniest Skiing Video Ever?!?!

We have all heard a girl say most of these things at least once or thrice.  It is super funny to hear them all in a row like this.   51 more words


Vlog sounds like a made-up word.

Today ladies and gents I will be talking about….
*drum roll*
(As if the title of the blog post didn’t already give it away) 687 more words

An Open Letter to My Friends On #NationalBestFriendsDay

As you’ve probably seen it’s National Best Friends Day: a day to honor the friends in your life who are there for you through thick and thin — even when you go through a phase where you try and be a vegan for a week and become a total, raging, hungry bitch because of it. 713 more words

Shit Girls Say

Hey Instagram Friend: Why?

Ever notice how your Instagram friends have, like, the best lives on the planet Earth? You thought you were being sneaky by masking your sad, pathetic Saturday night watching Netflix in bed by posting a #throwback of the one time you put on makeup in the last 3 months, but your Insta friends are taking it to a whole new level that you don’t even know how to reach. 939 more words

Shit Girls Say

17 'Nice' Things Girls Say That Are Secretly Really Evil

1. “You actually look really cute there!”

You looking cute is just about as rare as Charlie Sheen looking sane! Cute!

2. “Yeah, definitely!”

A completely empty response that 100% feigned enthusiasm with absolutely zero commitment. 585 more words

Things Girls Say During Their First Hockey Game

This weekend my roommates and I decided it would be fun to go to a Columbus Blue Jackets Game. None of us had ever been to a hockey game before and the tickets were free, so, why not? 301 more words

College Life

5 times when every girl is a total hypocrite

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The biggest shortfall of humankind is our propensity to ignore our own faults while constantly seeking fault in others. In no universe is this more prevalent than girl world. 445 more words