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Week 6 - #52Essays2017

Nine years ago, I was living paycheck to paycheck in a fancy Brentwood apartment complex with a nice gym, tennis courts and a sparkling swimming pool. 662 more words

Week 5 - #52Essays2017

My husband and I have been together almost eight years. In that time, we have not exchanged Valentines cards or any other romantic sentiment that you can purchase at your local drugstore, expensive stationery store, Hallmark etc. 1,218 more words

Class, Wed, 2/08


Anne Lamott

Go to a passage—a ¶ or less—in Bird by Bird that you’d like to talk about. Tell us what you notice, and what you admire (or are irritated by). 132 more words


Save yourself; save your work 2/6/17

I met with a student this weekend (who does that? I do.), and we discussed writing and thinking and blogging and Basic Writing.

First we talked about a possible lost post from her blog (it wasn’t lost, but some of us couldn’t see it at one point). 2,599 more words


Week 4 - #52Essays2017

El Reguero

I’ve been trying to smudge my house since my daughter was born. I am a firm believer that your space needs to be immaculate before undertaking the ritual of space clearing. 1,397 more words

Week 3 - #52Essays2017

The essay below is an unfinished first draft (everything here is a first draft). I am too close to the current events I discuss here to go further with it now. 1,474 more words

Blog Post #2: The worst is yet to come

Blog post #2 a response to this week’s reading: “Shitty first drafts” by Anne Lamott. To me it was a bit lengthy and rambling for such topic, but the author got the right point. 342 more words

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