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I used to have it in spades.  Inspiration I mean.  It was around every corner. Hidden in every song I heard. Beaming from each new day. 510 more words

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Anaphora poem. “An Anaphora is “the repetition of a word or expression several times within a clause or within a paragraph”. In poetry the repetition of the phrase can be just at the beginning of each line, setting the tone as a meditation or a mantra, or it can be utilized more subtlety within the poem. 868 more words


The hard, dirty work of starting a novel...

I’m a student again! What a wild and wonderful world! I’ve got two classes under my belt, so I’m pretty much an expert at this whole novel-writing thing. 466 more words

Cate Talks About Herself

Allan's Rule For Re-Reading Your First Draft... Read the WHOLE Thing

Don’t trash that crappy first draft!

Oh it may be full of grammatical errors that would send your high school English teachers into hysterics but that’s not reason enough to throw it away.   1,179 more words

Blog Post #4: "Shitty First Drafts"

Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts” is an important essay that informs the reader on some of her “Insrtructions on Writing and Life”. This, much to my and other readers’ happiness, involves writing awful first drafts – whether you are a professional writer, a student, or you write for fun. 589 more words

Two screens, 2 drafts! Voila! And Scrivener!!!

I think a common question among us first-time-novelists is something like, “How do I transform this mound of sludge into a novel?” In other words, how do we edit? 445 more words