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Book Review: BIRD BY BIRD by Anne Lamott

“Thirty years ago my older brother, who was ten years old at the time, was trying to get a report on birds written that he’d had three months to write. 612 more words


Observations from my writing desk: December 28, 2015

Location: The saggy but well-traveled couch in my living room, currently shared with a three-legged Siamese cat from Arkansas and a goldendoodle who lunges instead of walks and enjoys burping in human’s faces while making uncomfortably close eye contact with them. 317 more words

Excerpt 3

The ground was gritty, cold. She opened her eyes to white, and the temperature of the surface below her was the only clue that she had actually landed somewhere solid at all. 1,219 more words


Excerpt 2

“45 states voted today to bar Syrian refugees from entering the United States. The migrant crisis is one of unforeseen size, with over half a million displaced Syrians seeking new homes inside the United states. 7,046 more words


An Unedited Excerpt From the Thing I Wrote Because Some People have Asked

     Plunk. He groaned. These shoes had come in the mail just yesterday, after weeks of waiting, and he hadn’t treated the leather yet. Not wanting to appear petty, he took a few more steps into the water, submerging the tops of the boots and feeling the flood of cool water over his feet. 1,638 more words


Staring Down the SFD, Or...

The Temptation to Endlessly Twerk Tweak

I’ve noticed in writers of my acquaintance an inclination to rewrite and tweak already written scenes and chapters, rather than move on in writing the story. 122 more words


Question #1 On 11/19/15

I believe that it is so hard for me to put shitty writing on paper because of the “voices” in my head that critique what I am writing. 79 more words

Shitty First Drafts