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some unfinished business

Some really shitty first drafts; I look forward to working on my writing for the rest of the year, but for now, I am burying these here. 441 more words


Let The Games Begin

I got my manuscript back form my editor.  She told me to give her four to six weeks.  I sent it to her on the 11th and got it back last night. 715 more words


For Your Information...

I am still feeling giddy from finishing my first shitty first draft last week.  I have and editor, and she is currently working on helping me perfect it.  199 more words


It's A Good Day

Last night, I finished up a few finishing touches on the story I had begun back in November for NaNoWriMo, and when I was finished, I realized that I had just finished writing the shitty first draft of my first book.  451 more words


The First Draft

On February 24th, I started writing the first draft of my first novel. This isn’t the first time I’ve started the first draft of my so-called first novel. 370 more words



My dark passenger has been lurking around again the last couple of days.  It is the nickname I’ve given to the unwelcome dark cloud of depression-inducing negative energy that likes to stop by for a visit every now and then, much like my unwelcome monthly visitor.  513 more words