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Game on bitches.

Remember when I gave up an entire career to avoid being a cold heartless bitch?

Thanks world, I knew I couldn’t escape it.

Like Taylor Swift says, “Now we got problems, and I don’t think we can solve them.”


An Explanation: Part 4

I left that dinner happy.

For once I was crying after a meeting with that idiot because I was happy. I actually felt like he cared. 537 more words


An Explanation: Part 3

Since the last day of classes, I haven’t written here. Mostly because everything got so out of control for me, so fast. I intended to drive home to see my family, like I usually do after a semester ends, but I couldn’t face them. 1,334 more words


An Explanation: Part 2

I had surgery before last semester. It was my 30th birthday, my best friend moved away with her family, everyone at home was being an adult and doing adult things and here I was, living in a world in college that I should have had ten years prior. 1,504 more words


An Explanation: Part 1

A more (semi) coherent and sober explanation of recent events. With backstory. This might need to be in parts.

If this gets found, it will be obvious who I am, and at this point I give zero fucks. 1,384 more words



“Problems, problems with everything”
– From “Problems” by Against Me

Here is a list of problems you told me you saw in our relationship:
1) We didn’t go on enough dates… 362 more words


I Have A Question

Could someone please tell me why do ladies give their numbers to guys, if they have no intention of answering or replying to text? Why not be honest and tell them you see no reason for them to have your number. 141 more words

Shitty People