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I'm Trying, Janine

To my post-adolescent mind, Janine Turner, along with Gillian Anderson, were the hottest girls to grace the tiny tube in the ’90s. They were also strong female characters; neither of them were sexualized (at least not in the show). 613 more words

And There's Some Evil Mothers

My kids wear a shirt that says, “The thing about science is that it’s true whether you believe it or not”.

That about nails it.But as you may have noticed, some people are having issues with the facts that teachers tell children. 282 more words

Hunker Down On Bobo

Yet another anti-gay evangelist who likes dick ‘fesses up to the fact that he’s gay. But God saved him from continuing to yearn to go balls deep on a big schlong, cutting off his airway, and he’s all better now: 234 more words

Under appreciated Ulex

There was actually nothing more amazing than seeing Justin Bieber perform live at the KFC YUM! Center on April 20th, 2016. Maybe it was just my inner childhood coming out, but actually seeing him in the flesh was insane. 1,602 more words

Today In "Dick Move, Cops"

It’s actually more than a dick move in one case because a girl with bipolar disorder is shot to death after her family asks police for help. 389 more words

in my corner at this café.

Why do I find myself listening to Sia on my earphones, as loud as possibly allowed at this cafe in the east of Tokyo? I don’t know. 1,190 more words


It Never Ends

I’ve liked Steve Benen for years. I thought the Carpetbagger Report. was smart, informative and funny. Now he has a bitchin’ gig producing Rachel Maddow. 553 more words

Shitty People