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15.11.17- day 1 'vegan' + onigiri

hey kiddos, Ardent Anxiety here

(since im going ‘vegan’, no pic today)

i want to start off today with saying that my tram ride to school was the most awkward thing ive ever had to stand in. 783 more words

6.11.17- how to deal with shitty people

aYO oh shit waddup its ya boi Ardent Anxiety back again with another post cause someone has messed with my friend aND THATS A NO-NO ON MY LIST GOOD SIR… 682 more words


I was strolling to the bank

To money a check, when

All of a sudden I heard tumult

From inside.

A young lady with

Her tyke stalked out… 184 more words

Must Read

Familiar Taste of Poison.

I always end up at this story. My moment of revelation.

People ask why I haven’t seriously dated in a few years and my answer is usually because I am focusing on school and being badass as fuck. 605 more words


Game on bitches.

Remember when I gave up an entire career to avoid being a cold heartless bitch?

Thanks world, I knew I couldn’t escape it.

Like Taylor Swift says, “Now we got problems, and I don’t think we can solve them.”



“Problems, problems with everything”
– From “Problems” by Against Me

Here is a list of problems you told me you saw in our relationship:
1) We didn’t go on enough dates… 362 more words


I Have A Question

Could someone please tell me why do ladies give their numbers to guys, if they have no intention of answering or replying to text? Why not be honest and tell them you see no reason for them to have your number. 141 more words

Shitty People