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Fischer Cut Bait

Bryan Fischer is no stranger to stupid. I can’t count the number of dumb things he has said. But I’m gonna rip on him because he’s the… 405 more words

Shitty People

Boobs A Lot

Michelle “Tits McGee” Fiori does, like most Republicans, make up things. She’s never had a higher education to the best of my knowledge,and it shows. You think Ben Carson is weird? 265 more words

Shitty People


Oh, great. It’s time for the “Things Donald Trump Will Look At And What A Great Thing He Will Do To Fix It” game:

Donald Trump went on Fox Business Wednesday and said he would emulate the British government and not only revoke passports but close mosques in the United States in order to fight the Islamic State. 307 more words

Shitty People

Ken Ham, Being Wrong Again

That is one thick motherfucker.

Hemant Mehta relates a conversation with a non-believing chaplain about death and the meaning of life:

A few months ago, I had a long conversation with Bart Campolo, a former evangelical Christian and current Humanist chaplain. 582 more words

Shitty People

The White Ben Carson

Rationally speaking, anyone in the GOP who is trying to say the most incendiary shit their little fevered pea-brains con conceive of should be enjoying a prime spot in the pack of hopeless hopefuls. 416 more words

Shitty People

Fuck This Motherfucking Fuck

I’m gonna have to pop a handful of Xanax before I get on the Internet. Because inevitably, there will be a story about the latest…intriguing thing that Ben Carson has said. 377 more words

Shitty People


Searching for upsides to Oregon? Look no further:

The deadliest mass killing in the state’s history had taken place a few miles away and to the staff and customers of the Roseburg Gun Shop it was clear they faced a grave threat – from Barack Obama. 205 more words

Shitty People