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Whatever Dude

Before I head out tonight, I want to highlight the comments that really keep me going out every night to do some drives.  556 more words


Peculiar distinctions

You know. Sometimes I sit down in front of my Facebook to try to say something poignant and profound about people and humanity and where we’re at and where we need to be… But then I pretty much just end up quietly sobbing to myself. 195 more words

You Too Can Be Illiterate And Rich

No, no you can’t. You’d have to be selected as a failed vice presidential candidate, give incoherent speeches, start your own pay-to-watch shows that no one can stomach, and buy all your books to make it look like somebody wants to hear your rambling, run-on drivel. 98 more words

My Soulless Governor

I’m under no illusion about where I live. I’m in the Bible Belt, and that seems to mean more than being surrounded by Book-waving Christians. But this group intersects with another group popular here; the persecuted white male. 685 more words

Shitty People

I feel bad for shitty people in the world. I feel bad that you are shit. I feel sad that you have limited yourself to only being a piece of shit. 437 more words


Fischer Cut Bait

Bryan Fischer is no stranger to stupid. I can’t count the number of dumb things he has said. But I’m gonna rip on him because he’s the… 405 more words

Shitty People

Boobs A Lot

Michelle “Tits McGee” Fiori does, like most Republicans, make up things. She’s never had a higher education to the best of my knowledge,and it shows. You think Ben Carson is weird? 265 more words

Shitty People