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Hot Wingnut Monkey Love

Fox News is a fucking brothel fobbing itself off as a news organization. Roger Ailes got popped trying to diddle with airhead Gretchen Carlson and… 367 more words

Too Extreme For Alabama

There is such a thing.

In the age of Trump, sometimes it feels like everything is hopelessly fucked and there is no way to change it. 376 more words

Shitty, Shitty People

I have been busting my ass. I am in a grove and crossing my T’s and dotting all my I’s. I am being productive. I am making headway at work. 696 more words

The Journey

Todd Starnes Can Hum On My Sack

Todd Starnes is the undisputed king of conservative twerps. Some of you may already know who he is. He’s wound up on my radar several times… 1,309 more words

Shitty People

Tucker Carlson Is An Asshole, The Thrice

I’ve been waiting like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now for Tucker Carlson to be an asshole again.

Oh, I’m sure he has been an asshole every day… 595 more words

Shitty People


Alright, you guys.

Enough already.

It is time to stop assuming that the Trump administration is acting surreptitiously. It is also time to stop saying that proclamation X is just a diversion from action Y. 450 more words

The New Pollution

I haven’t posted since the inauguration. I am trying to keep my cool, but it’s getting harder every day. My wife has a conniption at least once a day over something he’s signed or something he’s decreed, and I’m still in “wait and see” mode. 495 more words

Shitty People