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Back To School, Fool

Steve Harvey…if I remember correctly, he was a funny guy. The man has two successful TV shows, writes books, and wins awards for them. He is riding high, he’s on a fantastic gravy train and is probably very, very wealthy. 626 more words

Blow Wind Blow

Maybe I should start another blog dedicated to all the fucked up, batshit insane stuff Mike Huckabee says on the regular. Each utterance eclipses the last in its stupidity and delusion. 297 more words

Like A Monkey Trying To Fuck A Football

Shorter Erick Erickson: I don’t understand the new subtraction my kids are learning. Therefore, it must be some sort of indoctrination. You liberals and your “instructions”.

'Tis The Season For The Treason

If you have looking at the online news for a while, you know that Mike Huckabee will say anything to get attention to his joke of a presidential run. 289 more words

Absurd, Absurd, The Bird Is Absurd

Gotta share a good laugh:

On Tuesday’s edition of the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” program, Religious Right activist and rabbi Daniel Lapin repeated his bizarre claim that liberals are sexually attracted to radical Islam. 246 more words

Christ Almighty

It’s a banner day for obnoxious Christians here at the seminary. I found something very interesting. Have you ever heard from a vaguely tolerant believer that the references to homosexuality are from the Old Testament and therefore not part of God’s “new covenant”? 298 more words

You're Pathetic, You're Disgusting

From my backyard:

Brittany Cartrett recently learned some bad news from her doctor about her pregnancy. She miscarried around five or six weeks along.

 “So we made the decision to not do a D&C and to get a medicine. 259 more words