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My former Boss :Red


That’s not quite right. Here, let me explain.  A few years a go I had to flee Ithaca with my girl and our cats. 459 more words

Shitty People

Bombs All Over Baghdad

The other Republican with bad hair, Ron Paul, is in the middle of a shit sandwich. Oh sure, he’ll probably get to sit at the big kids table come… 449 more words

Shitty People

My Boss: The Mad Hippy King of Westcott Street. Part 1

Once upon I time I worked for a Painting Company based out of the Westcott nation of Syracuse, NY. To protect the guilty, I’ll just refer to this man by the name of Seth. 185 more words

Shitty People

Educate Me Some More

Every day I learn something. Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I get answers to any question I have. You know who I learn the most from? 802 more words

Shitty People

Being The Bigger Dick

The Donald is sucking all the air out of the GOP’s space. The other 43,879 candidates need to do something to get some face time. … 382 more words

Shitty People

Head Of States

Recently, it became illegal for federal agencies to discriminate against LGBT folk in the workplace. That’s great. But what we really need is legislation that prohibits it everywhere. 348 more words

Shitty People

Twisted History

What the fuck happened in Oklahoma when the president showed up?

OKLAHOMA CITY — Confederate battle flags greeted President Barack Obama as he arrived here for an overnight stay on Wednesday. 256 more words

Shitty People