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Shitty Ginny vs. Kindness

Accepting that sometimes people are just plain shitty is hard for me. You see I like to see the good in people. I like to think that there’s always a way to finesse an amicable relationship with even the most brute of humans. 1,721 more words

15.11.17- day 1 'vegan' + onigiri

hey kiddos, Ardent Anxiety here

(since im going ‘vegan’, no pic today)

i want to start off today with saying that my tram ride to school was the most awkward thing ive ever had to stand in. 783 more words

6.11.17- how to deal with shitty people

aYO oh shit waddup its ya boi Ardent Anxiety back again with another post cause someone has messed with my friend aND THATS A NO-NO ON MY LIST GOOD SIR… 682 more words


I was strolling to the bank

To money a check, when

All of a sudden I heard tumult

From inside.

A young lady with

Her tyke stalked out… 184 more words

Must Read

Familiar Taste of Poison.

I always end up at this story. My moment of revelation.

People ask why I haven’t seriously dated in a few years and my answer is usually because I am focusing on school and being badass as fuck. 605 more words


Game on bitches.

Remember when I gave up an entire career to avoid being a cold heartless bitch?

Thanks world, I knew I couldn’t escape it.

Like Taylor Swift says, “Now we got problems, and I don’t think we can solve them.”



“Problems, problems with everything”
– From “Problems” by Against Me

Here is a list of problems you told me you saw in our relationship:
1) We didn’t go on enough dates… 362 more words