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Tucker Carlson Is An Asshole, The Thrice

I’ve been waiting like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now for Tucker Carlson to be an asshole again.

Oh, I’m sure he has been an asshole every day… 474 more words

Shitty People

The Love We Think We Deserve

Please excuse me while I have homonal related breakdown; normally I can keep my shit together, but my body, my brain is sabotaging me.

I cried at work today over betrayal and goddamn voicemails. 114 more words

Mental Health


Alright, you guys.

Enough already.

It is time to stop assuming that the Trump administration is acting surreptitiously. It is also time to stop saying that proclamation X is just a diversion from action Y. 450 more words

The New Pollution

I haven’t posted since the inauguration. I am trying to keep my cool, but it’s getting harder every day. My wife has a conniption at least once a day over something he’s signed or something he’s decreed, and I’m still in “wait and see” mode. 495 more words

Shitty People

OK, Let's Stop Using This Phrase

“Fake news”.

Culture, you’ve lost your right to use these words together.

We used to call this stuff “misinformation”, “tabloid journalism”, “hoaxes”, or just “lies”. Then 2016 happened, and the old-time press started calling internet bullshit “fake news”. 560 more words

The Evolutionaries and the Inflexibles

I have frustration. So much in my life.

You have to adapt to survive.

I have been nice. I have been mean. I have been aloof, noncommittal, helpful, indifferent, empathetic… 503 more words

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Putting The "Con" In Conway

I thought Kellyanne Conway was going to need close 24-hour supervision after the presidential campaign, especially if the Trumpers lost the election. Oh sure, you have your Scottie Nell Hugheses, your Sean Spicers, but no one did more heavy lifting to dissemble, lie and distort the things that Donald Trump said than Kellyanne Conway. 641 more words