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Early morning drive

under the crescent moon’s light

never felt so alive

saw your eyes shine bright
Your smile, oh it makes my heart skip a beat… 43 more words

Shivers (1975)

David Cronenberg’s Shivers is a gloriously bizarre and haunting horror picture, one that really gets under the skin. Part fever dream and part snarky satire, this 1975 Canadian movie earned the attention of the government because of its federal arts funding. 552 more words


Groans of Protest

these limbs of mine they
creak and crack in loud protest
to such cold weather


Signs: Do they still happen? Why?

Someone asked me recently, “What’s the deal with signs?”

A short response to that might be summed up by Bill Johnson’s quote: “If you’re not going anywhere new, then you don’t need signs.” 853 more words



A good parasite wants to keep its host healthy. I know that because I read Parasite Rex, and you should too! So why not use parasites in medical research? 339 more words




Dear Diary,

Since the authorities had my furs cut off, I now have the shivers….so now the authorities has covered me up( as she should) and I am cozy… 6 more words

About Pee Shivers

Before I start, I had stopped writing for a few days and people had started noticing. The reason I stopped is because as I was writing these at night, I felt tired and sleepy, especially since I have to drink cough syrup on a daily basis. 481 more words