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Trash (an acrostic poem)

Throwing away morality

Removing my humanity

Allowing me to think rationally

Sending shivers into those around me

Hell hath no fury like me… 8 more words

Acrostic Poem

Dunkirk (2017)

That feeling of a pure adrenaline as the sound of a spitfire roars through the speakers making the walls shake reverberating in your chest, makes all the hairs on my body stand on end. 313 more words



Cold, rainy shivers

Wearing the dark like a coat

Comfort in numbness


CPR SONG#3- "Roses" by the Shivers

I used to take long walks on beaches

and dream into the ocean

but now my dreams are out of reach

and I just haven’t got a notion… 627 more words


SHIVERS (2) A Ghastly Shade of Green - MD Spenser

120 pages

For vacation, Jason’s mother chooses to go to the Everglades so She, a botanist, can do some research, leaving Jason to take car of his little brother and the dog. 54 more words

SHIVERS (1) The Enchanted Attic - MD SpenserĀ 

122 pages

When their father gets a better job, the family move to an old house in the middle of no where. Nicole and Casey find a tunnel leading to the attic and find more the just the rats they were expecting. 109 more words