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Shared Shivers

Kisses behind my
ear send shivers down my spine
Can you feel them too?


Shivers (1975)

The perfect movie to put on during your elementary-aged child’s next sleepover.

Here’s a poem


Our bodies exposed
Each and every orifice
An open doorway… 11 more words


In The Dark (Let Me Cry)

(This article was written almost immediately following the passing of my boyfriend…and I was in a very dark place. Considering everything that followed his passing I doubt that anyone could have blamed me for that, but I figured that I would share this because someone out there may ha… 409 more words


Cronenberg Collection (1975-83)

An excellent starting point for any cinephile keen on experiencing one of cinema’s most boundary pushing auteur; this Cronenberg Collection brings together three films which offer a fair representation of Cronenberg’s inimitable style. 469 more words


How to tell when an Angel is Near

Up until a year ago I was a non believer in the whole Angel side of things. It wasn’t until I started my way to quitting smoking and drinking I began to truly feel something out of the ordinary. 958 more words

beauty just shivers

not another word

and it held on the simmer

move for the wonder

and themes

and those of the  wonder


and nothing to question… 56 more words