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Shivers (1975) | David Cronenberg’s high-rise horror makes for a hair-raising rediscovery on HD

Being terrified is just the beginning!
The modernist Starliner Towers apartment complex on Nuns’ Island in Montreal becomes the perfect incubator when a medical professor, engaged in organ transplant research, genetically engineers a parasite that turns its human hosts into sex fiends. 497 more words

Must See

Wings From Your Love

I don’t like the shivers I feel
I don’t like the looks I get
My body’s lost its soul
Only scars remain.
I drink up all my money… 61 more words

Women in Horror – Shared Pages: Rose Blackthorn

I chose this female horror writer for my spotlight because her story “Harvest of Night Seeds” in the Barnyard Horror anthology delivers farm-related shivers.

In addition to being a woman in horror, Rose enjoys mountain desert living and is fascinated with Vikings and Nordic people. 28 more words


The Reflection

A typical cold winter evening. Emma sat on her couch with her favorite classic novel to spend time until she feels sleepy. Her parents asked her not to stay up late. 415 more words


Women in Horror – Shared Pages: Amy Grech

I chose this female horror writer for my spotlight because her story “Perishables” in the Slices of Flesh anthology is a disturbing combination of love, hunger and desperation. 55 more words


fever[s] (6th day)

{13 feb ’15, 18:13}

by the end of our infancy, we recognize fever because it is announced by the quivers, and affects our stomach. Later, many (or few?) years later, we meet other shivers; our stomach is perturbed again, in an other way. 75 more words

Strangers Who Cross «me»

Tainted Love: The Best Venereal Horror Movies

Horror movies prey upon our fears, whether directly (being chased by an axe-wielding maniac) or indirectly (like The Shining‘s representation of alcoholism and obsession). David Cronenberg said, “I think of horror films as art, as films of confrontation,” and as the Godfather of Body Horror he knows a thing or two about slimy, icky messes that can turn your stomach. 810 more words